Renewal and Continuing Education Policy
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IAYT Certification Continuing Education Submission

Renewal of IAYT Certification is required every 3 years.  To be eligible to renew you must:

Maintain your IAYT membership annually
Submit at least 24 hours of continued education within the 3 year period
Pass the IAYT Ethics Quiz (to be available online beginning in 2018)

Continuing education hours can be acquired through a variety of sources, including: 

Attendance/Participation directly with IAYT:

  1. Participating in the IAYT conferences, (SYTAR and SYR, will count up to 22 and 15 continuing education hours respectively. These hours are awarded automatically once attendance is confirmed.
  2.  Passing the IAYT Ethics Quiz.  You will receive credit for 2 hours of continuing ethics education. Passing this quiz is a requirement for renewal for all C-IAYT holders. These hours are awarded automatically upon successfully passing the quiz.

Attendance/Participation outside of IAYT:  (The following are the types of training, participation, and activities that may be submitted by using the form below for individual approval by IAYT.)

  1. Completing courses and workshops that support one or more of the competencies identified within the IAYT Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists. These can be found on the website under the Accreditation heading. 
  2. Teaching yoga therapy courses or workshops that support one or more of the competencies (contact hours only).  ONLY the first case of teaching the course/workshop may be submitted for consideration.
  3. Hours spent in individual clinical supervision with a mentor or in peer supervision groups with a mentor that support one or more of the competencies.
  4. Any American Red Cross (or international equivalent) CPR course will count as 1 continuing education hour.

Additional Information About Current Requirements and Future Plans

Initial requirements for Continuing Educations requirements were set when the IAYT Certification process began in May 2016.  These allow broad acceptance of credits as long as they are aligned to the Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists.  Planning is underway for IAYT to set up a process for Approved Professional Development (APD) courses, and to partner with C-IAYTs and organizations to offer these IAYT pre-approved CE courses. More information about this will be shared with all IAYT members as the process is developed.

The continuing education requirements for subsequent renewals of certification will be revised as we engage in these efforts to increase CE options and further develop our continuing education approval process.

Submitting Current CE Information
If you have questions about submitting your Continuing Education hours or have difficulty completing the process below, please use the Contact Us link at the right side top of this page to reach us.

Instructions for submitting Continuing Education Hours

The first thing to do is to review the IAYT Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists and determine which competency areas you have met by the training you are submitting.  Select one or more area that you feel best aligns to the content of your continuing education so that you can enter it in your submission form.  

When ready, log into your profile

  • First, visit Profile Home. If you are an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), you will see your C-IAYT Award Date on the home profile screen.  C-IAYTs will need this date to complete the CE hours submission so make note of it before proceeding.
  • Continuing education courses to support C-IAYT renewal must occur after your C-IAYT Award Date. (The hours are reset at the beginning of the next renewal period.)
  • Select Manage Profile (from the right side bar or upper right).
  • Scroll down to Content and Features and select Professional Development from within that heading.
  • Under Journal Entries, select Add Entry (It's the last thing on the right of the line that starts with Print Transcript and has the green + sign next to it).
    • (When the form comes up, you may need to zoom in or scroll down to move it off the top menu bar.  This will depend on your screen resolution settings.)
  • Complete the form with this information:
    • Is this an entry for a Certificate or Program - Select YES
    • Certification/Program drop down  - select C-IAYT Continuing Education, or Non-C-IAYT Continuing Education as appropriate for your status
    • Credit Type drop down - select CE Self-Submitted
    • The entry date will be the date you are accessing the form
    • Description: This field allows only 174 characters.  Provide the course title, dates, faculty, location, and any other details that will fit within this constraint.
  • Credits: The number of CE credits you are submitting with this entry
  • Credits Expire: For C-IAYTs, enter 3 years from the date of your approval. (this date is on your profile Home page as described above).
  • For non-C-IAYTs you may enter any future date.  Credits earned prior to certification will not be counted toward renewal.
  • Score: leave this field blank
  • Activity Code: Enter at least one competency area from the Educational Standards in this field (You can look up these standards on the website under the Accreditation heading).  Separate additional competency areas by commas or spaces.  You may enter up to 174 characters. (e.g., 1.2, 3.1, 5.1)
  • Attachments:  CE submissions will be periodically audited.  If your submission is audited, you must present evidence of completion of the training.  You are not required to attach this here.  You may choose to upload the evidence of completion so that is retained in your file.  You may upload PDFs, Word documents, or image files.
  • Once completed, click on Submit.

Your CE credits will be automatically posted to your profile.  To view these anytime, go to Manage Profile, Professional Development.

By clicking on Submit, I attest that the information I have provided is correct.  I understand that misrepresentation may result in loss of educational credits.