Readiness Assessment to Apply for Accreditation
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Accreditation Pre-Application Readiness Assessment

In order to apply for IAYT accreditation of your yoga therapy training program, the curriculum and necessary
operational support, such as faculty, school and program policies,must be developed and ready to be documented.

The following self-assessment is designed to engage you in a yogic process modeled on yoga sutra 2.1—the
yoga of action—to gauge your readiness to apply for IAYT accreditation of your yoga therapy program.
It necessitates:

  • svadyaya or self-reflection in which you engage a process of vicara or inquiry into all aspects of your programand School that support your program,
  • tapas or discipline in which you prepare all the aspects of your program and School that support your
    program to a state of readiness, and
  • isvara pranidhana or surrender of ideas, feelings/emotions, ego to a point of refinement and right action
    with respect to your program and School that support your program becoming accredited by IAYT.

Engaging in this readiness assessment will help clarify your present state, your direction or path, and any changes that must be contemplated, and, ultimately, implemented, to achieve success in your accreditation endeavor. We find that applicants who engage in this yoga of action-like process, that can take anywhere from months to years, prior to applying are not only more prepared for the accreditation process, but also in greater alignment with the philosophies, policies, procedures, and practices that IAYT requires of the programs it accredits, making the entire experience more positive and valuable and helping you achieve a result that aligns with your yogic path.