Apply as an Accredited Program Graduate
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Apply as a Graduate of an IAYT Accredited Program

If you graduated from the IAYT Accredited Program track in your training program after the program's accreditation date, you are eligible to apply for IAYT Certification (C-IAYT) as an accredited program graduate.  

If your certificate of completion does not state that it is an IAYT Accredited Program or does not carry the IAYT Service Mark, please verify your eligibility for this Pathway with your program.

In the Application Materials listed below you will find a sample of the online application, instructions for completing the application and submitting your file(s), the policies you will need to read before applying, and other resources.  Once you have reviewed the materials and gathered the information you will need, return to this page to access the online application.

Applications from graduates of accredited programs will be accepted continuously.

Have you reviewed all the materials above and have the evidence ready to submit?

When you are ready to apply, register by clicking on the button below.  $125 of the $250 application fee is required to access and submit the online application.  The balance is due when the application is approved.  The application submission fee is non-refundable.  Please make sure you have all your materials ready before you take the next step.

Applications are now being accepted!

NOTE:  You must be a General, Supporting, or Patron Member to apply for certification.  If you are a Student Member who wishes to upgrade in order to apply, please Contact Us for assistance.



Once you have registered you will receive 2 emails: an invoice and a Thank You.  SAVE the Thank You email.  You can return to your application using the link in that email.