Wanted to Apply for Grandparenting but Missed the Window

C-IAYT Grandparenting is now closed. 

If you wanted to apply for C-IAYT through the Grandparenting process and find that you were unable to do so within the window, we would like to hear from you.

Please complete the following brief survey to help us understand and serve our membership's interests going forward.

Our goal as an organization is to establish IAYT certification (C-IAYT) as a respected credential that is recognized worldwide both by the public and by the many health care disciplines that understand the value of credentialing. 

Still, remember that IAYT is not a licensing body and there is nothing that prevents you from continuing to be of service to your students and clients without the C-IAYT.  We encourage you and all yoga therapists, regardless of certification, to gain ALL the competencies in the IAYT Educational Standards, which were developed by an international peer group.  We hope to see the great work of our field demonstrated at the level of quality, effectiveness, safety and professionalism that these standards represent.  That rising tide will lift all boats.

The very best way to remain informed of any updates to IAYT Accredited Programs and Certification is to remain an active member of IAYT.  By supporting your professional organization you do your part to help promote the power of yoga therapy to transform lives.


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