Meeting of the Schools Handouts
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2016 Meeting of Schools Handouts

June 8 - 9, 2016


2016 Meeting of Schools
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Wednesday, June 8
4 - 6 pm   


Q & A

Member Schools who are applying, or considering applying, for program accreditation met with members of the Accreditation Committee. 

Slides from the Q-A Sessions

Thursday, June 9

9 am - 12 pm



Meeting of Schools Presentations for discussion

  • Specialty Programs - A proposal from the Accreditation Committee.
  • Online Learning - Developing Online Programs - an example of how to use this format
  • Distance Learning - How yoga therapy curriculum is being delivered online (both synchronous and asynchronous e-learning).
  • Assessments - How to do assessments and practicum assessments.  Sharing best practices.


"I really appreciated insight into the specialty programs and participating in the discussion for criteria of faculty and distance learning. It felt, for me, so respectful and meaningful to know that our ideas are valued and matter to IAYT."

- 2016 Meeting of the Schools Attendee

IAYT appreciates and recognizes the dedication and work of this year's MOS Committee:

  • Sherry Brourman (Tensegrity Center Yoga Therapy)
  • Lonnie DeSorcy (YogInsight and Life Force Yoga)
  • Brahmi Gold-Bernstein (Tri Yoga Boston)
  • Samantha Kinkaid (Integrative Restoration Institute)
  • Savitha Nanjangud (Yoga Bharati)
  • Mary Northey (Integrative Yoga Therapy), Co-chair
  • Anne Pitman (Shanti Yoga and Ottawa School of Embodied Yoga Therapy)
  • Kathleen Ross-Allee (LMU/Yoga Therapy Rx)
  • Marlysa Sullivan (Center for Integrative Yoga Studies)
  • Sue Tebb (IAYT Accreditation Committee), Co-chair