2016 Info From Session Presenter
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You have been invited to submit information for review as a potential 2016 SYTAR session presenter.  This special consideration is by invitation only.  You should NOT share the link provided with others.

Download the details so you can pre-submit a proposal to John Kepner.  If accepted, you will return to this page to submit the official application. 


Please review the following instructions before completing the application submission form below.

  1. Online submissions are required.  Partial submissions cannot be saved, so please have your information prepared BEFORE you begin entering the information below.

  2. We recommend that you create your session description and short bio in a Word document so that you have exactly what you want within the restrictions; descriptions should be 120 words or less (1200 characters), and bios should be 150 words or less (1500 characters).  You can then copy and paste this information into the online form below.

  3. Exceeding the word/character count in the description and/or the bio will result in an error and you will not be able to complete the submission.

  4. Be sure you list your name and credentials (and that of any co-presenter) exactly as you want it published.

  5. You will need to upload a print quality headshot (minimum of 300 dpi).  Your photo is important as we develop the SYTAR website and the print conference publication.  The image will be used in a small space, so be sure to submit a photo that is easy to see.  Do NOT submit full body photographs.

  6. Once you are ready to enter your submission online, if you are an IAYT member SIGN IN first and then return to this page.  This expedites our access to your submission.

  7. Should you have any difficulties with completing your submission, or if you have questions, please send a Contact Us submission with your detailed information and the appropriate staff member will connect with you to assist in the process.

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