Why the CIC Format Changed
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The time has arrived for the Common Interest Communities (CICs) to evolve to their next level of function. Originally intended to be a more dynamic networking and community building opportunity for IAYT members to spend time with members having shared interest, there’s been a creep toward a rather passive consumption of a mixed bag of short PowerPoint presentations.

Now is the time to change and grow!

What John Kepner, IAYT Executive Director, Staffan Elgelid, past-board member and Matthew Taylor, the originator of the CIC idea, hope to do is give you, as CIC participants, a more robust session for making the first 3.5 hours of SYTAR worth the price of the entire symposium!

Modified goals of the CIC during the conference are:

  1. Create a more intimate, collegial environment.

  2. Provide more exposure for colleagues with featured presenters and identify future leaders.

  3. Encourage interaction with presenters/participants during the session/symposium.
And when you return home, we want to continue to add value through:
  1. Building community by exchanging ideas, meeting others, and solving common problems together throughout the coming year.

  2. Generating practical information for participants to share in their personal networks that will encourage new membership by their like-minded colleagues.

  3. Providing feedback to the staff and board of directors regarding any special needs the community has that are identified in the session.