About IAYT Accreditation - NEW
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Increasing the Quality of  Training Programs 

"At the heart of the accreditation process is a set of competency-based educational standards for the training of yoga therapists, which also includes a definition of yoga therapy and a set of training requirements."  -- The IAYT Board of Directors

IAYT Accreditation is a standards-based process that  provides a consistent benchmark against which yoga therapy training programs can be evaluated.

IAYT's accreditation program is a peer-review process that has four essential components:

  1. educational standards and training requirements, including definitions of key terms, such as yoga therapy;
  2. an online application that requests documentation of standards-based data and information about the training program;
  3. policies and procedures that guide the accreditation process; and
  4. review committees composed of yoga therapy professionals who are responsible for evaluating how well a program meets the accreditation standards and training requirements.

The process is overseen by the Accreditation Committee, a diverse body of yoga therapy practitioners and educators, and is managed by IAYT staff.

For more about IAYT's accreditation program and why it's important for yoga therapists and the professional development of our field, read the article "IAYT Accreditation: Why It's Needed, How It was Created, and What It Means for You".