6. Policy on Formal Complaints against the IAYT Accreditation Committee
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 The following are the procedures the IAYT follows in addressing a complaint against the IAYT AC:

  1. A complaint made against the AC must be submitted in writing with supporting documentation to the IAYT’s Executive Director. The complaint must be related to the IAYT’s/AC's failure to comply with its own accreditation standards, policies, and/or procedures. Within 14 days of submission, the Executive Director acknowledges receipt of the complaint and refers it to the Executive Committee of the IAYT Board of Directors. Within 30 days from receipt of the complaint by the Executive Director, the IAYT Executive Committee (EC) reviews the complaint. If the EC needs additional information to review the complaint, it requests the complainant and/or the AC provide the information within 30 days; if it does not need additional information, it issues within the original 30-day period a written decision on the complaint to the complainant and AC. The decision of the EC is final.

  2. If, at any time, a complainant initiates legal action against the IAYT/AC, the above procedures are no longer in effect and the IAYT takes no action to review the compliant, pending legal resolution.