Accreditation Fees
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Application and Annual Accreditation Fees


Programs of IAYT Member Schools

You must be a Member School to apply

Member School status must be maintained each year in order to retain program accreditation


Initial accreditation: Three years


Application: One time fee
Accreditation: Annual fee once accredited1



Half of the fee - $504 - is due at the time that a Letter of Intent is submitted

The other half of the fee - $504 - is due upon submission of the application

Annual Accreditation



1 Once accredited, you will be charged the annual fee each year for the three-year accreditation period. $500 will be billed on the accreditation date and on the anniversary date for the next two years. The annual fee for the first year must be paid within 30 days of notification of accreditation. The annual fee for each of the next two years will be auto-billed on the anniversary date of the first year's payment. Please contact us immediately if there is any change in your payment/billing information.