Announcing C-IAYT Yoga Therapists
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IAYT Awards First C-IAYT Yoga Therapist Certifications!

John Kepner
IAYT Executive Director


IAYT is most pleased to announce the first group of IAYT certified yoga therapists, (C-IAYT).    Independent certification for yoga therapists is a key milestone in the development of our field. Congratulations to each and every one for their many years of study, hard work and service.   

Over 160 have been certified so far, and more are certified every week.  All applications are reviewed in the order received and by at least two people.  A significant percentage are complete and approved in the first review.  Others are asked to provide missing or supplemental documentation. 

New Search Functions

Our website now has a new search function just for C-IAYTs. To see the list, go to Certification>Find a Certified Yoga Therapist.  Also, our Find a Member search function now has a drop down to limit searches to certified yoga therapists.


Certification, alone, is not enough.  Credible professional credentialing also requires many other supporting elements, most of which already have been completed as part of our comprehensive standards process, including:

  • A well-accepted definition of yoga therapy
  • High standards for the education of yoga therapists
  • A rigorous accreditation process for training programs
  • A reasonable grandparenting process for currently practicing individuals
  • A clear scope of practice
  • An enforceable Code of Ethics

Still required, however, are:

  • Standards for the recognition of the many specialty and continuing education programs that support our field (under development)
  • Independent testing supportive of, and supported by, the many paths in our tradition


Some of the key milestones in this process:

  • 2007          
IAYT’s first conference.  This brought our community together.  The standards process is simply not possible without a community that knows and respects each other
  • 2008          
The first Meeting of Schools, where aspirations and fears were candidly shared
  •  2012         
Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists were first published, after 3 years of consistent work by a dedicated and diverse committee of 12 people
  • 2014          
The first 12 yoga therapist programs were accredited
  • 2016          
The first IAYT certified yoga therapists are announced

Special Acknowledgement

  • The Yoga Research and Education Center (YREC), for spinning off IAYT in 2003 so we could focus on our mission , and providing substantial financial support which allowed us to renew as an independent organization
  • The IAYT Board of Directors who have provided sound, stable and supportive governance for so many years
  • Yoga Developments for producing our first conference (SYTAR) in 2007 and the next two years
  • The Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health (formerly the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) for supporting IAYT at the beginning and throughout the standards process
  • The IAYT Educational Standards Committee
  • The IAYT Accreditation Committee – on going
  • The IAYT Certification Committee – on going
  • The IAYT Code of Ethics team
  • Hundreds of donors, especially those in 2009 when we almost went bankrupt during the Great Recession, and several major donors who supported us consistently over several years, and many individuals in the past two years when we had our special fundraising campaign to support the start-up of the certification process  
  • Over 240 Member Schools who have supported and financed this process since 2008
  • Over 8,000 Individual Members who have supported IAYT since 2008
  • Several outside professionals who have supported IAYT for years
  • Many extraordinary staff members
  • And You