Example of CIC Breakout Groups
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Using the Rehabilitation CIC as an example

Breakout to Groups of Common Interest:

A. Orthopedic
B. Neurological
C. Pelvic Health
D. Chronic Pain
E. Pediatrics 
F. Geriatrics

The chairs then take the groups through some timed version (2-3 minutes each, fast and fun) of the following exercises.  In each circle, someone is assigned as the scribe to capture the lists:

Top 7 (may be more or less than 7 at the discretion of the chairs):

  • Reasons yoga therapy is useful in "Orthopedic [that group’s focus] Rehab”
  • Things I wish I knew when I started yoga therapy for orthopedics.
  • Ways I find new clients
  • Biggest mistakes I made
  • Sources of information for yoga therapy for Orthopedics
  • The most difficult to use in Yoga therapy for Orthopedics
  • Things IAYT could do to make yoga therapy in Orthopedics easier


If members have an interest in setting up other feeds/forums ask for volunteers to lead. The lists collected in the earlier exercises can be shared on these. (The lists can be sent to the chairs to format.  The chairs can then send these lists to the conference organizers to post on the SYTAR website after the symposium so the participants can review their work.)  

There can a be a "speed dating” type exchange if time permits… 2 min exchanges of information:  business cards (for the luddites), FB friend/LinkedIn connections with other participants so they have a chance to connect with speakers or colleagues that share interests with or thought contributed something in common.

Finish final 10 minutes with a guided centering meditation bringing the community to silence to sense the connections/excitements and refocus to their personal intention/sankalpa for arriving at SYTAR.