Top Tips for Applying
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What We've Learned to Help You!

WOW!  In less than one month, over 260 members registered to apply for C-IAYT certification and almost 200 completed the application submission process. Submissions continue daily! 

In reviewing the applications that have been submitted, we've garnered some insights that we are sharing to help make your experience smoother and easier. We'll add tips along the way and let you know what we are learning that can help you.  If you have specific questions about your application, please submit a Contact Us form for the most expedited response.

Top Tips for Application Submission

Topic Details Date Posted
Send only the required documentation to expedite processing
Send the files and evidence that are required to support your application.  If you would like us to see other accomplishments, please use your Yoga Therapy Resume to tell us.  Extra files may slow the review process and result in a longer wait for your certification.

When downloading Word documents you get a blank screen in your browser window
Depending on which browser you are using (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) downloads can be handled differently.  If when you click to download any of the tables or forms you see a blank screen after opting to "Save Document" be sure to check wherever your downloads go.  It is very likely in that folder. 

Open the document and save as you normally do for Word or Excel documents with the naming convention indicated in the instructions.

You have entered information in the app, but when you go back nothing is there!!
Nothing is more frustrating than doing all that work and then it disappears!  Don't let that happen to you.  At the bottom of EACH page you will see "Save & Continue Later."  We highly recommend that you do that at the end of each page before moving on to the next page even if you plan to continue.

If you do "Save & Continue Later," the information will remain for only 30 days, so don't delay.  You will still be able to apply after that, but the information will not be retained!

Just a reminder, you will see the page index at the top of each page.  No color means you have not yet visited that page; green means you have fully completed the page; and red means there is information missing on a page.  Be sure all pages are indicated with green before actually submitting the application.

You are asked to resubmit your resume.
This can be avoided by assuring that you are completing the resume template (or providing your own resume) with the information that is really needed by the reviewers. 

The resume template is provided to guide you in submitting information that helps to round out our view of the way you practice Yoga Therapy as differentiated from teaching a yoga class.

Take some time to consider what this means in your situation and then create the document that clearly indicates this. 

Most common error message and how to resolve it
A small percentage of applicants experience an "error message" when they submit.  This is a result of "timing out."

The most common reason is that the applicant leaves the application page before submitting it to create the email for the evidence documents required.  To resolve this, please follow the steps in the order below.

When you have fully completed and reached the end of the application:
1.  Answer the simple math question and submit your application THEN you can complete the next steps.

2.  Next, create an email to the address provided in the application instructions
3.  Attach the documents showing evidence supporting your application to the email
4.  Send the email
It is important that you complete the online part of the process and SUBMIT your application before you send the email.  For your convenience, the email address will appear again after you submit AND it is shown on the Thank You email you received when you registered.

File naming

The preferred file format for submission is PDF.   When you are ready to submit, if possible, please save as PDF files.  Put your name and member number on all tables and document files.  Ensure both your last name and member number are included in ALL filenames.

Name your files like this example:


(e.g., SMITH_2223355_CertOfCompletion)

Do not use special characters like # or () in the file name and keep it as short as possible.

Getting back to
your app

When you register to submit your application and pay the submission fee, you will receive an online confirmation and then an emailed thank you.  Both of these have the direct link to the application for the pathway by which you are applying.  Save that email and/or bookmark the link so you can easily return to your application.

Once you begin completing the online application, we highly recommend that you "Save and Continue" at the end of each page so the information you enter is saved if you should need to leave the process and return later to complete your application. 


The closing date

Applications for grandparenting will be accepted through June 30, 2017.
This is over a year away so there is plenty of time for deep breaths. 

Applications from graduates of accredited programs will be accepted continuously.

 Training Table Hours Information for filling in the Training Table Hours may come from different sources depending on your school.

Easiest for applicant and reviewers:  Obtain the information from your school.

HOWEVER, it is not required that you obtain the hours from your school - alternatively you may be able to:

A)  assemble this information from your notes, class schedules, or syllabi;

B)  consult with your peers with whom you trained;

C)  confirm that your training is indeed yoga therapy and not advanced yoga teacher training by providing supporting information, i.e., a copy of the syllabi

D)  Use the space in the table to provide additional descriptions about the content of your training, that can be confirmed with back-up documents.

 Application Content
Our initial and cursory reviews of the content have shown some areas where we need to obtain more in-depth information. The tables were meant to allow you to demonstrate that you have been practicing yoga therapy. In some cases, we need more detail. 

These include:

GP1 - Client Contact Hours - we may be reaching out to some of you to obtain more detail and variety. 

For those still working on your application, please provide as much information as possible to show the depth of your yoga therapy practice.

GP2 - Case Examples - most are stellar, but in some cases, the examples are not consistent with the definition of yoga therapy. We will need to request cases (or clarification) that do meet this definition.

If you have not yet applied, this is your chance to tell us about your assessment and the practice(s) you provided that are consistent with the definition. 


For more details, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.  If after reviewing the information contained there, you still need assistance, please send us a Contact Us.