Leigh Blashki
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Last updated: 7/1/2018
Mr Leigh Blashki
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3810  Australia
011 613 5942 7484 (Phone)
  C-IAYT, Grad Dip C.T. Cert iRest
  Yoga practitioner, Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist
Personal Information and Mailing Address
Pakenham, VIC
3810  Australia
Professional Information
  Yoga therapy consultancy, specializing in iRest meditation, dealing with a wide range of conditions, inc
stress management, anxiety disorders, respiratory disorders.

My yoga therapy is eclectic, though with a strong influence from the Krishnamacharya tradition and iRest (Dr Richard Miller)
Formal Tertiary Education:
Masters of Health Sciences - Educational Standards for the Practice of Ayurveda in Australia;(non-assessed)
Grad Dip Complementary Therapies - a 2-year program providing introductions to a number CAM modalities;
Grad Cert in Yoga Therapy
Certified iRest teacher and Supervisor
Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching 2-year, 1,000hr program
Certificate "Ayur-Yoga Therapy" - A.G. Mohan
Certificate of Ayurvedic Healing - AIVS
Diploma of Human Performance
Diploma of Swedish Massage
Certificate of Nutrition

Experience - relevant to the field of yoga and yoga therapy:
Practicing yoga therapist since 1991
Qualified yoga teacher since 1978
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant 1998 to 2008
iRest teacher/facilitator 2013 ->

Prior C-IAYT Continuing Education
Social/Volunteer Organizations
President Yoga Australia 2012-2014 (the peak body for yoga teachers in Australia)
Vice- President Yoga Australia 2010 - 2012
IAYT Certification Committee 2014 - 2017
IAYT Accreditation Committee, since 2012
IAYT Standards Committee, 2009 - 2012
IAYT Council of Advisors, since 2008
AAYT secretary (founding), 2007 - 2012
AAYT Council of Advisors, since 2012
Yoga Australia Council of Advisors 2015-
Assoc Director iRest Australasia
More Information
in years 2000 and 2001, 1 had the privilege of being on the Steering Committee for the establishment of National Competency Standards and Government Accreditation for complementary and alternative medicine training in Australia. This covered most systems of natural medicine, including Ayurveda.

At the same time I developed Australia's first, Government Accredited yoga teacher training program, which was recognized a part of the tertiary education system. The program was set up as an 'Advanced Diploma'. I have enjoyed teaching on this 1,000 hour program for the past 13 years. In 2006 I developed Australia's first, complete yoga therapy program, which was accredited at the 'Graduate Certificate' level. In 2010, we de-coupled from the Government accreditation system, as the return from the program did just justify the expense and the AAYT standards had become accepted as the most appropriate avenue for accreditation/registration.

The following overview of the qualification framework in Australia may help readers better understand how the ADVANCED DIPLOMA of Yoga Teaching (Level 6) and the GRADUATE CERTIFICATE of Yoga Therapy (level 8) are positioned within the tertiary education framework.
Level 1 - Certificate 1 (year 11 high school)
Level 2 - Certificate 2 (year 12 - finishing high school)
Level 3 - Certificate 3 (low level trades, clerical, admin)
Level 4 - Certificate 4 (junior management, teaching, some health care, senior trade)
Level 5 - Diploma (middle management, some health-care
Level 6 ADVANCED DIPLOMA (senior(non-medical) health care, managerial)
Level 7 - Bachelors degree (most professions)
Level 8 - GRADUATE CERTIFICATE and GRADUATE DIPLOMA (more advanced professions and health care)
Level 9 - Masters Degree
Level 10 - Doctorate - PhD