Kathryn (Katie) A. Campbell
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Last updated: 12/4/2019
Kathryn (Katie) A. Campbell
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Yoga Training (Touch)
18 South Harrison
59601  United States
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406 461-8845 (Phone)
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  YACEP, ERYT, Certified and Insured
  Yoga practitioner, Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist
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Studio 18A
18 South Harrison
59601  United States
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406 4618845 (Phone)
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Professional Information
  Current work and interests include therapy sessions for physical, energetic, mental, intellectual and blissful states. Helping clients overcome weakness, imbalance and pain; relaxing to destress and relieve suffering. Providing touch to elicit parasympathetic, relaxation and autoimmune, responses while aligning form for improvements!

Integrating full chain movements with interconnecting meridians, opening nadis, spaces free of blockage with balance, strength, flexibility, relaxation, focus, and meditation practice for body/energy/mind/intellect/spiritual harmony. Working with clients engaging bandhas, improving energy with postural balancing poses for proprioception and cohesion, isometric holding poses for strength gains and endurance, while ensuring release of tightness and soreness via flexibility while teaching corresponding breathes with relaxation for opening spaces. Utilizing the seven main Chakras (power centers) as focal points for blissful, physical, energetic, mental and intellectual protections (koshas) as a meditation towards ultimate consciousness when many become One!

Waging peace in a shift towards caring, kindness, and compassion; covering the eight limbs of yoga! Integrating the whole person promoting ethics (yamas), morals (niyamas), po(i)se (asana), breathing (pranayama), relaxation (pratyahara), focus (dharna), meditation (dhyana) and absorption (samadhi), see also "More Information". Evolving with yoga in harmony!
Yoga Training (Touch) & Retreat - Remedial Private Individual, Partner, and Group Yoga Sessions
1-1 Introductory wknd Intensive 2017
1-1 Therapeutic wknd Intensive 2016
Grp. Multiple Sclerosis 6 wk Sessions 2010/2011

Pranava Yogadhama Trust Mysore YogaTherapy, Education and Research Centre - Certificate of Integrated Classical Astanga Yoga With Applied Yogic Sciences

Private Preschool - Teaching Fun Yoga

Various Health, Wellness and Fitness Centers - Yoga Teacher as a Certified Primary Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer

YogaFit - Conferences and Workshops including Therapy I-III, Restorative, India Intensive, Level's I-V, Strength, Kids, Seniors

Carroll College - Continuing Education in Behavioral Sciences including Masculinities, Epidemiology, Medical Sociology and Health Psychology

University of Montana - Liberal Arts Degree
C-IAYT Continuing Education
Social/Volunteer Organizations
Gift Certificates & Practice @ Silent Auctions & Events - Tibetan Children's Education Foundation, Prickly Pear Land Trust, Elkhorn Ultra Running, Bquickrunning, Bollywood

Previous Board Member - Big Sky Unitarian Universalists

Providing - Yoga for Environmental Races and Recreational Events

Public School - Teaching Fun Yoga, Classical 8 limbs, various, and sitting poses

Florence Crittenton - Teaching Yoga to At Risk Youth
More Information
Current work and interests include therapy sessions for states of physical (anna-maya-kosha), energetic (prana-maya-kosha), mental (mano-maya-kosha), intellectual (vijna-maya-kosha) and blissful (ananda-maya-kosha) holistic health. A goal oriented (sankalpa), small steps process alleviating acute and chronic conditions transcending weakness, imbalance and pain to, most simply, relieve stress, the modern day form of suffering (dukha), by perfecting practice. Providing touch eliciting parasympathetic, relaxation and autoimmune, responses while aligning form for technique improvements during pose (asana) counterpose, hatha yoga, progressions!

Practicing Oneness (samadhi) with full chain development, interconnecting meridians, opening nadis, spaces free of blockage, with swooping, strengthening, stabilizing stretches relaxing (pratyahara) to focus (dharana) upon meditation (dhyana) harmonizing body, energy, mind, intellect and spirit. Working with clients creating safe space ushering metabolism, engaging holds (bandhas) for isometric strength gains, creating cohesive proprioceptive understanding, improving energy, efficiency and endurance, ensuring breaths (pranayama) of due diligence. Integrating classic practices (ashtanga) including tenets (yamas) and precepts (niyamas) with the seven main plexi (chakras) as focal points for happy, healthy, powerful, wealthy and wise ways of modern american wellness towards optimal fitness.

Celebrating life, waging peace and harmonizing responsibilities, values and principles is the Yoga Training (Touch) motto. Realizing the bliss of an attitude of gratitude and generosity is helped by affirming fresh air and love power including the inherent worth and dignity of every person, place, thing and sentient being with caring, kindness, compassion and a wisdom of equanimity. Furthermore, love power revolves around relationship equity, spiritual growth, free and responsible ways of understanding, democratic process, goals of peace, liberty and justice while respecting interconnected existence. Yoga Integrates the life of the whole person promoting harmonious evolution and universal harmony!