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Moving Beyond Medications

Wednesday, October 25, 2017  
Posted by: IAYT Administration
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All four integrative health organizations that IAYT is associated with have endorsed the flyer: Moving Beyond Medications. Note that Yoga is one of the recommended therapies.  As obvious as this may seem to us, this is actually a small landmark.  While each individual discipline might have issues with parts of this,  – including experts in pain management within IAYT, such as Neil Pearson -  we see this as a constructive compromise to present a united front.  We appreciate that Yoga and IAYT are shared in this communication.  We received this from Margaret Chesney, UCSF Professor of Medicine and a keynote presenter at SYR 2017.

Click here to download a pdf version of the flyer.

Comments of Neil Pearson, PT, C-IAYT

1. This is a great idea - non-pharm care needs to be a part of the prescribed treatment provided to people in pain - this shift is not just because of the opioid crisis but from pain management research.

2. The first requirement for success of such an initiative as this, is that health professionals need to learn pain biology - otherwise how could they possibly provide effective care or instruction.

3. The next step is to provide our patients with education/instruction based on pain biology. (Thankfully IAYT has members who are experts in this, and have even completed large projects doing exactly this for primary care and pain specialist MDs).

4. The initial goal of treatment, based on evidence, should be assisting the person to move with more ease. Yoga is one evidence-based way to do this.

5. Medications are not the enemy. When they are used for people with chronic pain, they have a role, just the same as every other passive treatment - to help people move better. Would be deny a person with a sprained ankle the use of a crutch because using it forever would be the wrong thing? Or do we make it clear that it is a boost, to help them live with more ease?  And if they are not progressing we will not stick with this 'treatment'. 

IAYT thanks you Neil, for these very constructive suggestions.