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Protecting Your Online Information - Privacy Settings

Sunday, July 29, 2018  
Posted by: IAYT Administration
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Several members have recently reported receiving an email that seems to request information about services the member provides. Further contact results in requests for additional personal information. We have determined that this is likely a phishing scheme or scam.

As we work to make yoga therapy more visible and accessible to the public, your information becomes more available.  To help protect yourself from these types of attacks, we recommend that you sign in to your online profile at and ensure that you have your privacy set to the level of visibility you want.

Sign in at: and go to My Profile

  • Click on Manage Profile
  • Select Edit Bio
  • Set each field to the level of privacy that you want by clicking on the lock to the left of most fields

For those of you who have websites the public can visit for your published details, you may want to set your email address to either "Members Only" or "Private" so it is not visible to the public in your profile. 

If you do not have a website and rely on the public using your email to contact you, be sure you are familiar with scams and phishing schemes and how to identify them. You should treat suspicious emails as spam and delete them.  Learn how to protect yourself and report such schemes by contacting your email provider.