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Representing Yoga Therapy Around the World

Tuesday, September 24, 2019  
Posted by: IAYT Administration
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To spread the word about the professionalization of yoga therapy and build bridges with international colleagues, IAYT's executive director John Kepner has become quite a globetrotter. Most recently, he and a number of other members traveled to Bali, Indonesia, to represent IAYT at the Fourth Asian Yoga Therapy Conference, co-sponsored by the Asian Yoga Therapy Association and Vyasa Yoga Singapore.

Among the ranks of the 310 attendees from 20 countries were IAYT member presenters including Leanne Davis (also of Yoga Australia), Madoka Chase Onizuka (also of the Japan Yoga Therapy Society), and Anshu Singh from Bali.

John reports overall continued growth in global cooperation and support for self-regulatory efforts like IAYT's certification and accreditation standards. He's encouraged by the momentum generated by meetings like this one and those of the Global Consortium on Yoga Therapy and he says he sees many fruitful collaborations ahead for all of these allied organizations.

The AYT conference comes on the heels of other international discussions like those held at the United Nations in April on yoga accreditation in higher education and the World Health Organization on training standards for yoga in healthcare.

Look for a full report on the AYT conference in the Winter 2020 issue of Yoga Therapy Today.


Along with other members, John Kepner, third from left, represented IAYT at the Asian Yoga Therapy Conference in September 2019.