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Update on C-IAYT Certification

Tuesday, July 25, 2017  
Posted by: IAYT Administration
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We’re excited to share that over 3500 people registered to apply for Certification prior to the Grandparenting window closing on June 30, 2017!

Background: Starting in May 2015, IAYT released the draft guidelines to our membership for review and comment and announced the timeline and final Rules in September 2015.  Grandparenting opened as planned a few days before June 1, 2016.  Enthusiasm grew as successful applicants shared their credential and as training programs supported their graduates in the process.  Despite many emails and reminders of the timelines, over 700 registrations occurred in the last 7 days of the month.  We have applications from over 37 countries around the world and the visibility of IAYT has grown along with the success of our members.  

What this means for current applicants

One of the results of the exceptional response of many applications is a longer review queue than anticipated.  We are working hard to reduce the turn around time so that each of you knows the status of your application and whether you will need to provide some missing or additional information.  You WILL have time to respond if the Review Team sends a request.  Right now it is taking about 4-5 weeks from your application date to when it gets through the review process.

Important note for Graduates of IAYT Accredited
Yoga Therapist Training Programs

IAYT members who are Graduates of IAYT accredited yoga therapist training programs may continue to apply anytime following completion of their program.

What's next for the Certification Committee efforts?

Now that Grandparenting is closed, we will turn our attention to raising the visibility of our profession to the public and the broader health care system.  We also look forward to launching a pilot project in 2018 to approve professional development training.

Did you miss the Grandparenting window?

We know that there are highly qualified yoga therapists out there who did not apply. We have started a survey to help us understand why - and who you are. Please be sure to complete this survey if you missed the Grandparenting window and are interested in obtaining C-IAYT certification.

We will use this to help us decide IF and how we might develop an alternative route for IAYT certification for well qualified individuals in 2018.