SYTAR Handouts
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Had other sessions you wanted to hear, sessions that you want to hear again, or you weren't able to attend? 

Backcountry Recordings has made the sessions available for you! 

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Some of the presentations included handouts.  To make your experience more complete, click on the session links below to download the documents or access special information.

Thursday Afternoon Sessions:

CIC Session #1: Rehab Professionals

CIC Session #2: Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health

Friday Afternoon Sessions:

Friday Evening Special Interest Meeting

Saturday Morning Practice Session

 Saturday Afternoon Sessions:

  • TS01 & TS06:  Marketing & Research - Taylor, Moonaz, Bailey-Kroll

Handout 1   /   Handout 2    /  Handout 3    /   Handout 4
Post-SYTAR Action Plan

Sunday Morning Practice Session: