2016 Presenter Handouts

2016 Presenter Handouts

Some of the presenters have submitted handouts to accompany their presentations. Click on the presenter's name below to download his/her handouts.

NOTE:  You can review and/or download for any of the sessions which you plan to attend.  Handouts will only be available online.  If you wish hard copy of any of these, please print them out and bring them with you to the conference.


CIC 1 - Rehab Professionals: Bridging the Past with the Future

Pat Barnes
 Lisa Mannheim

CIC 2 - Yoga Therapy:  A Worthy Partner in Mental Healthcare

Michelle Fury
 Renee Groenemann 
 Pamela Jeter
Ann Maxwell  Allie Middleton

CIC 4 - Yoga Therapists Today:  Careers with Meaning

Mala Cunningham
 Clare Freeman
 Susi Hately
Carol Krucoff  Steffany Moonaz  Mary Pappas-Sandonas

CIC 5 - Supporting Our Nation's Military and Veteran Communities

Louise Mahoney
Pamela Pence


Plenary - Judith Broida
TF01 - Rachel Krentzman
TF03 - Leigh Blaskhi
TF05 - Matthew Taylor
TF07 - JJ Gormley
TF08 - Maggie Reagh


MPS01 - Veena Gandhi
Keynote - Amrita McLanahan
TS02 JJ Gormley
TS03 - Maggie Reagh
 TS05 - Amy Weintraub
TS06 - Rachel Krentzman
TS07 - Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa


MPSU03 - McManus and Maxwell
Plenary - Amy Weintraub