SYR 2016 Recap
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SYR 2016 Recap

Held: September 19 - 21, 2016

Location: Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

SYR is the West's foremost academic yoga research conference. SYR 2016 showcased some of the best new research and offered multiple poster sessions. Click here for the full details from the conference.

The pre-conference, keynote and oral presenters have generously offered access to their slides as handouts. Download the handouts below.

Photos from the event can be accessed from the link following the handouts.



Sat Bir S. Khalsa

Introduction and The State of the
Field of Yoga Therapy Research

Kim Innes

Common pitfalls in planning, conducting,
and evaluating yoga clinical intervention trials

Catherine Cook-Cottone

Words matter: The use, documentation, and effectiveness
of an intentional narrative in yoga interventions

Erik Groessl

Understanding the mechanisms of yoga
through intervention components

Holger Cramer

Avoiding attrition bias: Estimating expected
dropout rates in yoga therapy research


Chris Streeter

The Treatment of Major Depression with
Iyengar yoga and Coherent Breathing:  A RCT

A. Rani Elwy

A population health approach for examining yoga's impact: the VA PRIMIER study

Suzanne Danhauer

Yoga Research with Cancer Patients and
Post-Treatment Survivors

Neha Gothe

Yoga and Cognition:  Evidence from acute
and intervention studies

 Special Interest Session:

Yoga-based Assessments

in Yoga Therapy

 Hosted by:Kimura Keishin, Dr. Minoru Kamata, and Marlysa Sullivan

Yoga Therapy Assessments

Special Interest Session: 
Yoga Research Reporting
Guidelines Working Group

 Hosted by: David Riley and Steffany Moonaz

Health Research Reporting Guidelines


Young Investigator: 
Moé Kishida, MS
Is yoga relational? Unveiling the intra- and interpersonal effects of yoga practice utilizing a person-specific approach

Shirley Telles

The basis and application
of yoga for healthy aging


Gurjeet Birdee

Yoga as a biopsychosocial intervention

Steffany Moonaz

Feasibility and Acceptability of Yoga
as Self-Care in Minority Adults with Arthritis

Bessel van der Kolk


Video Filmed in Partnership with IAYT at Kripalu Center

How yoga acts on the brain
and helps in healing from trauma

Also available from the Poster Session:

Marlysa Sullivan - Supporting documents for: 

Characteristics of Yoga Therapists currently practicing in North America: A cross-sectional descriptive survey

You can see them here

They are for sale at $4.99 for full resolution downloadable jpegs. All revenues are split between the photographer and IAYT.


To download and purchase a photo from Gabriel’ s Client Access page, simply click on an image, bring the mouse over it, and a drop-down button will appear on the upper left. From there you can navigate to downloading or purchasing an image:


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SYR 2016 was presented by
The International Association of Yoga Therapists
in affiliation with Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living