2016 SYTAR Wrap Up
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SYTAR 2016 was an inspiration!


"I just felt so nourished by the experience. I walked away proud to be a Yoga Therapist and ready to keep our profession moving forward."


And other attendees agreed!



"It was very nice to see that the leaders of IAYT were participating in practice sessions and the afternoon tracks. It was clear they see themselves as equal to all the conference attendees."


"I loved the opportunity to meet and talk with so many wonderful, like-minded people who are doing innovative things and sharing their ideas. It's really great to be able to talk with directors and board members and all of you made me feel welcome and like my ideas and comments matter."


About the presentations/presenters:

 "I enjoyed all of the presenters as well, and the wide variety of topics in yoga therapy. It was hard deciding what workshop to choose in some cases, and I like that some things were offered twice. Keep that!"

"It is useful for me to hear other teacher's teach. It is instructive to hear how they do things similarly and differently. I felt they were all exceptional peers."

"Loved the variety of presenters and topics - really felt like there was something for everyone.

"I was very interested to learn that the yoga community has connections with NIH."

What attendees really liked:


"Again the level of knowledge and the yogic spirit was the best I have seen at any conference. So nice."

"I loved that everything was on one floor and easy to find. I really loved that the vendors were all around the balcony and we didn't have to go looking for them."

"Lovely location. I personally like the fact there were trails and parks in easy walking distance and a pool area. The staff were helpful and friendly in my experience. Close proximity to the airport was great and free airport shuttle a bonus." 

"Social interaction with old friends and enthusiastic new folks."

"Nice event.  Good content.  Really nice venue."  "Still speechless.  Very satisfied and inspired."

"I truly enjoyed and learned a great deal about the tremendous diversity of approaches in the field of yoga therapy; the opportunity to meet and interact with luminaries I had not previously interacted with."

About the organization of the event:

"It was especially helpful everything was on one floor. Hope we can replicate that in future years. The hotel was well located making going for a walk or eating a meal off site easy and quick. Hotel accommodations gracious and staff helpful."

"They say the devil is in the details and Debra and her team mastered this."

"You folks are doing a bang up job! It's not easy to appeal to such a motley crew of weirdos from all over the planet!"

For future consideration:

"I think it's more helpful when presenters are interactive with the audience."

"I would like to hear more stories of how people are developing practices."

"Just a balance of more movement. Nothing fancy or hard, just would have liked to have more movement during the day sessions."

Our gratitude to you!

We thank those of you who took the time to respond to the evaluation and provide your feedback.  There were many more ideas, thoughts, recommendations and concerns shared.  The management and Board of IAYT will review all submissions for use in making future SYTAR conferences even better.