2017 Presenter Handouts

2017 Presenter Handouts

Some of the presenters have submitted handouts to accompany their presentations. Click on the presenter's name below to download his/her handouts.

NOTE:  You can review and/or download for any of the sessions which you plan to attend.  Handouts will only be available online.  If you wish hard copy of any of these, please print them out and bring them with you to the conference.


CIC #2: Mental Health and Yoga Therapy: The real mind-body connection
GuruMeher Khalsa
Linda Varnam

CIC #3:  Yoga for the Cancer Community:  A Gathering of Practitioners

 Letter from Co-Chairs to Attendees  
Sharon Holly

 Lee Majewski Simone Palmieri

CIC #5:  Yoga Therapy for Children and Youth

 Carolyne Belko

 Kristen Chamberlain
 Roxanne Rashedi

Lorelei Woerner-Eisner

Contact List for Presenters

CIC #6:  Yoga Therapists Today:  Careers with Meaning

  Kristine Kaoverii Weber


TF01 - Aadil Palkhivala
TF02 - Maria Mendola
TF03 - Carol Krucoff TF06 - Linda Lack (hips)
TF09 - Robin Rothenberg  



MPS01 - Carolyn Keller-Sells
 MPS04 - Jaime Schmitt
MPS05 - Ananda Deviika' Ma
 TS01 Linda Lack (shoulders)
TS04 - Robin Rothenberg
 TS06 - Aadil Palkhivala
TS07 - Maria Mendola  TS08 - Carol Krucoff


MPSU04 - Masayo Kaneko