SYR 2017 Recap
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SYR 2017 Recap

Held: October 16 - 18, 2017

Location: Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

SYR is the West's foremost academic yoga research conference. SYR 2017 showcased some of the best new research and offered multiple poster sessions. Click here for the full details from the conference.

The pre-conference as well as some keynote and oral presenters have generously offered access to their slides as handouts. Download the handouts below.

Photos from the event can be accessed from the link following the handouts.



Sat Bir S. Khalsa

Introduction and The State of the
Field of Yoga Therapy Research

Karen Mustian

How to get your first grant:
Lessons Learned and Tips

Kim Innes

Recruitment, retention, and adherence in
clinical trials of yoga:  Tips and Challenges


Considering mechanisms of
change in yoga research


Lisa Conboy

Tips for adding qualitative data
collection to yoga research


Nicole Culos-Reed

The Role of Yoga in Cancer Survivorship


Luciano Bernardi

Slow Breathing -
So Simple, So Complex

 Special Interest Session:

Yoga-based Assessments

in Yoga Therapy

 Hosted by:
Kimura Keishin, Dr. Minoru Kamata, Marlysa Sullivan, and Dr. Dorcia Tucker

The Theory of Yoga Therapy Assessment

Case: Breast Cancer

Case:  Back Pain, Migraines, Anxiety

 Special Interest Session:



Hosted by:
Dr. David Riley and Dr. Steffany Moonaz


Reporting Guidelines for Yoga Research


Lisa Conboy

Stories of change: Qualitative reports
of improvements with yoga practice

Stephanie Sohl

Designing Yoga Interventions to
Transition from Research to Practice


Lisa Uebelacker

Randomized controlled trial of
hatha yogafor persistent depression:
quantitative and qualitative results

Lorenzo Cohen


Yoga in Cancer Care:
A Comprehensive Approach to
Transform Your Life and Health

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SYR 2017 was presented by
The International Association of Yoga Therapists
in affiliation with Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living