2018 Presenter Handouts

2018 Presenter Handouts

Some of the presenters have submitted handouts to accompany their presentations. Click on the presenter's name below to download his/her handouts.

NOTE:  You can review and/or download for any of the sessions which you plan to attend.  Handouts will only be available online.  If you wish hard copy of any of these, please print them out and bring them with you to the conference.


CIC #1: Interprofessional Sutras:  Healthy Conversations as the Fabric that Unites

Welcome to the first ever Interprofessional sutra.  This will be a gathering that will include exploration, interprofessional panels, creative discussions and networking. As a participant you will also help create future policy that can make Yoga Therapy  an integral and respected team member in non-pharmacological pain management.

Please remember that this CIC starts at 9 AM and please bring your business cards so that through networking we can create the "fabric that unites."  ~ Matt and Staffan

Before the session, please Check Out More Info about this session

Available Handouts: 
Please download prior to attending if you wish to have during the session:  Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

All CIC Sessions below begin at 1:30 PM

CIC #2: Mental Health and Yoga Therapy: Optimizing Mind Body Hygiene with Yoga Therapy

Hanna Chusid

Robin Cushing

CIC #3:  Yoga Across the Cancer Care Continuum

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 Letter from Co-Chairs to Attendees
 CIC #3 Format
 SIO Integrative Oncology News

Stage: Diagnosis
  Maryam Ovissi

Stage: Treatment
 Sadie Grossman       Smitha Mailliah

Stage: Post-Treatment
 Tina Walter

Stage: Recurrence, Metastasis, and Living with Chronic Disease
 Lorien Neargarder

Stage: End of Life
  Antonio Sausys

CIC #5: Social Activism/Community Healing

Letter from Co-Chairs to Attendees

Handouts for Discussion (Please print out and bring with you to the session)
Irene Hauzinger
Amina Naru


CIC #6: Careers in Yoga Therapy: Personalizing Your Approach to Your Professional Future

  M. Mala Cunningham

Evening Keynote:  Gary Kraftsow


Keynote - Arlene Schmid  

MPF04 - Shelly Prosko

MPF05 - Guy Gabriel

TF01 - Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani TF02 - Molly McManus and
            Ann Maxwell

TF03 - Lillah Schwartz

TF07 - Marsha Danzig
TF08 - Leila Stuart



Keynote -
Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

Plenary - Timothy McCall (HYTE);
Slides from Presentation

Plenary - Gail Parker

MPS04 - Mindy Eisenberg

MPS05 - Grace Jull

TS02 - Marsha Danzig

TS05 - Leila Stuart

TS06 - Molly McManus and
            Ann Maxwell

TS08 - Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

TS09 - Lillah Schwartz

TS10 - Ann Richardson Stevens



Plenary -
Ann Richardson Stevens

MPSU03 - Allie Middleton  (substituting for Elena Rose Kress)
 MPSU04 - Jean Grant-Sutton