2018 Post Conference Handouts

2018 Presenter Handouts

Some of the presenters submitted handouts or slides to accompany their presentations. Click on the presenter's name below to download his/her handouts.


CIC #1: Interprofessional Sutras:  Healthy Conversations as the Fabric that Unites

Available Handouts: 
 Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani           Session Follow Up from Co-Chairs

CIC #2: Mental Health and Yoga Therapy: Optimizing Mind Body Hygiene with Yoga Therapy

Hanna Chusid

Robin Cushing

CIC #3:  Yoga Across the Cancer Care Continuum

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 Letter from Co-Chairs to Attendees
 CIC #3 Format
 SIO Integrative Oncology News

Stage: Diagnosis
  Maryam Ovissi

Stage: Treatment
 Sadie Grossman       Smitha Mailliah

Stage: Post-Treatment
 Tina Walter

Stage: Recurrence, Metastasis, and Living with Chronic Disease
 Lorien Neargarder

Stage: End of Life
  Antonio Sausys

CIC #5: Social Activism/Community Healing

Letter from Co-Chairs to Attendees

Handouts for Discussion (Please print out and bring with you to the session)
Irene Hauzinger
Amina Naru


CIC #6: Careers in Yoga Therapy: Personalizing Your Approach to Your Professional Future

  M. Mala Cunningham

Thursday Evening Keynote:  Gary Kraftsow


Keynote - Arlene Schmid  

MPF04 - Shelly Prosko

MPF05 - Guy Gabriel

TF01 - Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani TF02 - Molly McManus and
            Ann Maxwell

TF03 - Lillah Schwartz

TF05 - Biz Magarity
TF07 - Marsha Danzig  TF08 - Leila Stuart


Keynote -
Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

Plenary - Timothy McCall
1 - (HYTE);
2 - Slides from Presentation

Plenary - Gail Parker

MPS04 - Mindy Eisenberg

MPS05 - Grace Jull

TS02 - Marsha Danzig

TS03 - Biz Magarity

TS05 - Leila Stuart

TS06 - Molly McManus and
            Ann Maxwell

TS07 - Arlene Schmid

TS08 - Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

TS09 - Lillah Schwartz

TS10 - Ann Richardson Stevens


Plenary -
Ann Richardson Stevens

MPSU03 - Allie Middleton 
 MPSU04 - Jean Grant-Sutton