2018 SYTAR Wrap Up
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Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.

For four days, we came together to explore and expand the process.  Here is some of what we heard from attendees:

  • The Community. Everyone is so supportive and ready to share and smile. It's a lovely energy, truly. I also really enjoyed the location. I think the Reston hotel and area, especially having the festival over the weekend, gives another positive dimension to how fun and special the conference is. 

  • I took away a lot of useful information that I can apply to my practice and made some connections that will help me in my goals of integrating yoga more into the hospital setting where I work.
  • This was my first SYTAR, so I have no basis of comparison. it was wonderful to be with so many people interested in and practicing yoga therapy, but it does seem clear that even with certification, there is a very wide range in the types of therapeutic practices being used out there. 

  • My overview of the conference is that is was well organized and densely informative. I had to break away for a bit so that I could process. As a yoga therapist, I not only feel supported, but feel guided by new principles and information to implement in my work.

  • This was my second SYTAR, the first made me realize I wanted to do yoga therapy training (LA when the power went out, 2009?). This one made me better appreciate the diversity in our field. It was inspiring and I feel energized by my tribe. 

  • The reminder to keep yoga in yoga therapy, the emphasis on philosophy, hearing progress about how IAYT is moving the profession forward, learning from each other...Bravo! Well done. I am coming away feeling incredibly inspired. Thank you!!

  • All the presenters I listened to went well beyond the extra mile to show their true care toward sharing their expertise with the attendees. Great choices and learning experiences.

  • There wasn't just one. Gail Parker made me think about race and I'm going to look at my students with fresh eyes because of her talk; Timothy McCall made me think about what really is yoga therapy and I'm going to apply my assessments a little differently because of him; I never enjoyed yoga nidra so I don't teach it, but after hearing Uma Dinsmore-Tuli speak, I'm inspired to learn it and offer it.

  • Dr. Ananda, because he reminded us to stay true to the roots of yoga even as we forge ahead in applying yoga therapy in more traditional medical settings. He balances both worlds in his personal and professional life, and stands as a model and an inspiration for living our yoga in the modern world. 

Some of the recommendations for the future:

  • As a practicing professional, my take away from the sessions was more of an experience like the one I would receive at a workshop or a group class rather than peer to peer interaction. I wish we could begin to have deeper conversations about Yoga Therapy as professionals rather than presenting yoga therapy. 

  • It would have been even better to have all handouts online ahead of time, so we would not need to take as many notes. [NOTE: in addition to those who provided slides ahead of time, a number of the presenters provided slides after the conference.  You can find all of the handouts available by clicking below.]

  • I find them (CICs) too short. How about 1-2 less groups and more time on each.

  • One somewhat distracting observation, was the constant opening and closing (banging) of doors once a session had started. One solution would be to station someone at each door to facilitate quieter operation of door closing and directing lost souls.

  • Maybe 2 places for music - one for those who like loud music and one for those of us who don't.

Respondents provided many insightful and important comments and recommendations.  All of the information will be made available to the board and staff to review and use in creating future events.  We greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to respond to the evaluation.

In Service,

The IAYT Team