2019 CIC Model
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What to Expect:
"Liberated” Common Interest Community (CIC) Sessions

A unique way to learn, connect and share, these dynamic afternoon sessions provide an opportunity to explore key topics and meet others with common interests right at the start of the conference. 

Continuing in 2019, we will use three meeting structures from "Liberating Structures designed to promote engagement with your colleagues.

Shift and Share
  120 minutes

This is a series of fast-paced presentations where each topic will have 6 - 7 presenters, each presenter in a circles of chairs, with 6-10 people per circle. Presenters share their shared idea/work to their circle by talking about it for ~12 minutes without audio-visual aids. The group then discusses for ~6 minutes, with the intention of "sharing” rather "declaring” (i.e., "I’ll send you that study”, "we have a brochure that works”, etc. vs. someone dominating by "teaching” the table). The CIC chairs then signal the presenters to move to another circle and the process starts again and repeats until each circle has heard from all presenters.

1 - 2 - 4   ~20 minutes

This is an opportunity to pull together what you have learned so far, in collaborating with your colleagues. 


What did you learn from the previous session that was helpful and inspirational and how that might influence your own work?

  1. Reflect quietly to yourself.  One minute (1)
  2.  Stand up, find someone you don’t know, share that with one other person. One minute each. (2)
  3. Then the two of you, find another group of 2 people you don’t know, and share again.   One minute each, plus discussion noting similarities and differences. (2+2=4)

 Pulling It All Together ~ 40 minutes

  • In the last part of the session, there will be a focus on identifying the top top takeaways of each session, using the wisdom of the crowd, as well as continuing to meet new colleagues.
  • There will also be latitude for the co-chairs to determine specific needs of their groups to build community by exchanging ideas and meeting others.

Review the accepted presentations from 2018 CIC Sessions.

We are pleased to acknowledge the continued support of Matthew Taylor, PT, PhD, former president of IAYT, and originator of the CIC sessions, for his continued support and leadership in developing these sessions.  We also wish to acknowledge Tom Peterson of Thunderheadworks.com for his insight and advice for using Liberated Structures.