2019 Presenter Handouts

2019 Presenter Handouts

Some of the presenters have submitted handouts to accompany their presentations. Click on the presenter's name below to download his/her handouts.

NOTE:  You can review and/or download for any of the sessions which you plan to attend.  Handouts will only be available online.  If you wish hard copy of any of these, please print them out and bring them with you to the conference.


CIC #1: Rehab: Clarifying Our Message to the World

Note from Session Co-chairs

CIC #2: Integrating Mental Health and Yoga Therapy

  Christina Brems

Anna Molgard

  Ghada Osman

Jayashree Pathak

CIC #3:  Yoga Across the Cancer Care Continuum

  Sandra Gilbert

Kathryn Glaser

  Kelly Inselmann

Jennie Lee

  Lee Majewski

Lorien Neargarder

  Tina Paul 

CIC #4: Investing In Your Future: Becoming an Empowered Yoga-preneur

  Pamela Crane

 Cheri Dostal Ryba

  Michele Lawrence

 Vasanthi Srinivasan


CIC #5: Yoga Therapy As One Aspect of Community Care

  Welcome from Co-chairs

 Louise Goldberg

  Sherri Koehler

 Judy Weaver

Thursday Evening Keynote: Larry Payne



MPF02 - Ray Greenberg

MPF03 - Paul Mross

MPF06 - Michelle Andrie

Friday Morning Keynote -
Margaret Chesney

TF01 / TF06 - Nischala Joy Devi

TF02 - Garth McLean

TF04 - Matthew J. Taylor

TF07 - Richard Miller

TF08 - Shelly Prosko

TF09 - Jill Miller



MPS03 - Olga Kabel

MPS04 - Romy Phillips

MPS05 - Kristin English

MPS06 - Karen Schwartz

MPS08 - Leslie Kazadi


Saturday Morning Keynote -
Richard Miller

Saturday Morning Plenary -
Diane Finlayson

Saturday Morning Plenary -
Garth McLean

TS01 / TS06 - Larry Payne


 TS04 - Shelly Prosko

TS05 - Diane Finlayson

TS07- Jill Miller

TS08 - Matthew J. Taylor

Saturday Evening Jam Session with
Baxter Bell and Guy Gabriel



MPSU01 - John Childers
 MPSU06 - Mary Northey