2019 Meeting of the Schools Wrap Up
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2019 Meeting of Schools 
June 12 (4 pm to 9 pm | 9 am to Noon)

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Accreditation Workshop Information
Although not a part of the Meeting of Schools, this workshop provided key updates on the Educational Standards and the accreditation process. 

Accreditation Overview and Standards Update      Accreditation Process and Documentation Requirements

Wednesday Evening Presentations from IAYT

Accreditation Update   |  Certification Report   -  Certification Handout   |   Communications Update    

What was most useful from the 2019 MOS?

This was my first time attending, it was all useful! Being a part of a school that is planning to apply for accreditation, anything related to that was the most helpful. Knowing the background and hearing others going through the process was also helpful.

Having the ability to ask questions live in person.

Thursday's round-tables (much like the CIC's) led to dynamic conversations, exchange of ideas, and networking… a bit raucous, but fruitful! I look forward to more of these in future.

-2019 MOS Attendees

What would you like to see in 2020?

Two tracks might be helpful going forward: one for new or not yet accredited (programs) and one for those in operation for a while. School directors could come together at the opening and summary/closing and address their needs in between in the track that most suits them.

Assessment and Evaluation

Quality Improvement in Educational Settings

Focus on topics that impact the schools' operational and/or curriculum challenges.

-2019 MOS Attendees

IAYT appreciates and recognizes the dedication and work of this year's MOS Committee:

Kamalesh (Ginger) Hooven (Mount Madonna) Co-Chair
Stacey Reinke-Bui, Co-Chair
Mary Northey (Kripalu) Advisor
Sue Tebb (IAYT) Advisor

Diane Finlayson (MUIH)
Irene Bright-Dumm (MUIH Graduate)
Ananda Deviika' Ma (Ananda Wellness Institute)
Sarah Greco (PRYT)
Tania Turcinovic Taravati (Integral Yoga Institute)
Desiree Whitney (Trinity Healing Foundation)
Michelle Bowles (Hamsa School of Yoga & Ayurveda)

If you have not yet completed the post MOS survey, you can still do so by signing in to your school profile and clicking here: