2019 SYTAR Presenter Handouts

2019 Presenter Handouts

Many of the presenters submitted handouts to accompany their presentations. Click on the presenter's name below to download his/her handouts.

Note: Handouts from the Accreditation Workshop and Meeting of Schools can be found here.


CIC #1: Rehab: Clarifying Our Message to the World

Note from Session Co-chairs

CIC #2: Integrating Mental Health and Yoga Therapy

  Christina Brems

Anna Molgard

  Ghada Osman

Jayashree Pathak

CIC #3:  Yoga Across the Cancer Care Continuum

  Sandra Gilbert

Kathryn Glaser

  Kelly Inselmann

Jennie Lee

  Lee Majewski

Lorien Neargarder

  Tina Paul 

CIC #4: Investing In Your Future: Becoming an Empowered Yoga-preneur

  Pamela Crane

 Cheri Dostal Ryba

  Michele Lawrence

 Vasanthi Srinivasan


CIC #5: Yoga Therapy As One Aspect of Community Care

  Welcome from Co-chairs

 Louise Goldberg

  Sherri Koehler

 Judy Weaver


Thursday Evening Keynote: Larry Payne



MPF02 - Ray Greenberg

MPF03 - Paul Mross

MPF06 - Michelle Andrie

Friday Morning Keynote -
Margaret Chesney

Friday Morning Plenary -
Jay Gupta

TF01 / TF06 - Nischala Joy Devi

TF02 - Garth McLean

TF03 - Michelle Fury

TF04 - Matthew J. Taylor

TF05 - Anne Pitman

TF07 - Richard Miller

TF08 - Shelly Prosko

TF09 - Jill Miller

TF10 - Ann Marie Johnston




MPS03 - Olga Kabel

MPS04 - Romy Phillips

MPS05 - Kristin English

MPS06 - Karen Schwartz

MPS08 - Leslie Kazadi


Saturday Morning Keynote -
Richard Miller


Saturday Morning Plenary -
Diane Finlayson

Saturday Morning Plenary -
Garth McLean

TS01 / TS06 - Larry Payne

TS03 - Ann Marie Johnston

 TS04 - Shelly Prosko

TS05 - Diane Finlayson

TS07- Jill Miller

TS08 - Matthew J. Taylor

TS09 - Michelle Fury

TS10 - Anne Pitman

Saturday Evening Jam Session with
Baxter Bell and Guy Gabriel



MPSU01 - John Childers
 MPSU06 - Mary Northey