2019 SYTAR Post Conference Home
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SYTAR 2019 was awesome! We set a record for attendance at the conference in Newport Beach, California. For those who attended we have added some additional resources for your use to support the information gathered during the conference. If you were not able to attend, feel free to take a look at the resources provided. We hope to see you all in 2020 in the Chicago area!


Wrap Up

See what some of the attendees had to say about the experience AND recommendations for future programs.

We received a 31% response to the conference evaluation!  This information helps to provide critical information for us to ensure that future events are created with those recommendations and insights in mind.  

IAYT Management and staff along with members of the board will review the information provided to improve our service to all members.

Full details from the conference can be seen here.


A number of the presenters provided handouts prior to the conference to allow attendees to use them during the sessions.  After the conference we received additional slides primarily from our keynote and plenary speakers.  These have been posted and are available for your review. 

Simply click on the icon to access.





Recordings, and Photos

During the conference, Backcountry videotaped the keynotes and plenaries, as well as audio recording the afternoon sessions. With so much incredible information, you may want to purchase some or all of the recordings to re-visit key presentations. Not able to attend? This is an excellent opportunity to see and hear the sessions.

Many moments were captured in photos by Callie Richmond. The photos can be reviewed and copies purchased.

Click on the icon for details.




Continuing Education Credits for Attendance

The process of confirming and awarding continuing education credits for those in attendance has been completed.  Members can view their credits by logging into their profiles.

  • Go to Manage Profile (in the right hand column or the top of any webpage)
  • Scroll down to Contents and Features
  • Click on Professional Development
  • You can see the credits listed under Journal Entries (tab will be white)
  • The Certifications/Programs tab will indicate where you are with regard to completing the requirements toward a certificate

If you attended SYTAR and do not see your credits listed in your profile, please Contact Us and we will ensure any necessary correction is made.


Meeting of Schools Wrap and Handouts

Copies of the IAYT presentations have been posted on the MOS Wrap page for your review.

Also included on this Wrap page are the handouts from the Accreditation Workshop.

Member schools are invited to review the materials and begin planning to attend the 2020 meeting in Lincolnshire, IL, June 10 - 11, 2020.