2019 SYTAR Wrap Up
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Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.

When communities come together, individuals grow, relationships deepen, and understanding expands!  Here is some of what we heard from attendees about the experience:

  • I don't even know where to start. I ordered the whole conference in audio so that I could listen to what I missed--it was that good.
  • Gathering with so many yoga professionals - the information/updates on IAYT - the use of breath, meditation, body awareness, mantra, and chanting wrapping most of the experience. Coming from a mental health background and still engaged in that arena, having attended numerous mental health conferences - SYTAR made me giddy with excitement and love for how the field and profession pay attention to the body. My head did not feel so heavy with information and my body often felt rejuvenated from the day. The opportunity to hear leadership in the field and to be exposed to many who practice in the field in the morning and afternoon sessions. I also really appreciated the 2 hour break in the middle of the day - plenty of time to eat, connect if desired, and to rest. This supports attention to our many dimensions of human life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic) and created a nice balance to me. 

  • I've been practicing as a yoga therapist in (my area) in a fairly isolated way. While I have good teachers and friends in the yoga community, I am the only one I know who has always opted to work one on one in my home and out of the studios. So I don't really have 'community' here. Thursday at the CIC I found my community and all weekend long at SYTAR I found my community. I also felt validated for choices I've made with my practice and how I share it for over 20 years following no one but my own intuition and the practices as they manifest in me - I've always wished I had someone I could relate to about it all because it's just not a popular way to go in a city full of packed trendy studios. So what I really liked was having the veil pulled from over my eyes so that I could see how large and amazing our community of yoga therapists is. I also love that I've learned from and about those who blazed the yoga therapy trail to get us to this point. And I see that I am a recipient of a lot of work done by many others in the name of love and it sends chills of gratitude through my spine.  
  • I learned a lot. I met or heard from many of the leading players in Yoga Therapy which Is so important at this juncture in time... gathering with peers sharing the culmination of their life’s work, sharing its wisdom and I feel like everyone is working together to further the profession and forge new pathways into the future. 

  • This was an uplifting year. I was required to go this year (my first time) because the continuing education for C-IAYTs was not in place for most of my time being a certified yoga therapist. My credential is up quite soon, so it was difficult to find appropriate continuing education that wasn't SYTAR. However I didn't regret having to attend. It was exciting and encouraging to hear that the profession is coming along well and that we have the potential to have a great impact in our communities in the near future. This seemed to me the theme of the weekend, and I appreciated it. Admittedly much more then I expected.

  • Best one ever! I know people who didn't attend because they "didn't know anyone" (of the presenters). And folks wondering why SYTAR wasn't getting the big names and things like that. I told them that IAYT is trying to get some new blood in and that there's lots of people out there doing great work--it's nice to highlight them. And, man o man, what a great line up of super intelligent, thought-provoking people. LOVED it! 

  • The energy this time really felt like a growing community that cared about one another. There was a calmness, peacefulness, kindness, and compassion that really came through.

  • The scheduled programs were well organized. Great selection of Presenters with relevant topics. I wish I could attend everything! The entire event was inspiring and motivational. I felt there was a good balance between content, networking and career development. I came a way from the conference with lots of new information, resources and energy!

  • I was blown away with ALL of the information presented at keynotes and plenaries and I didn't miss one of them. The presenters were all amazing and inspiring people and I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't know much of it or them before the conference. So imagine being a sort of insulated yoga therapist and then meeting all those people and learning all that info. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you each and every one of you blessed immortal souls

  • I felt inspired by all presenters but especially by Anne Pitman. Her talk on yoga therapy and Dying was exceptional powerful, both on a professional and personal level. I was fascinated by the depth of her understanding, knowledge and wisdom. Her lecture will have an impact on the way I practice -not just with people who are dying.

Some of the recommendations for the future:

  • While I loved the chanting, it seemed there was the presumption that everyone knew all the chants and meanings. Having them on the screens and with translation would be nice.

  • Although it’s a convention and not a retreat I would still value an emphasis on personal practice. The sessions are all directed at what we learn and can do for our clients. What about for ourselves? Developing, deepening, personal practice as a group.

  • I'd rather see fewer plenary sessions but more multiple sessions of the same sessions so there are not so many difficult choices between these very good presenters.

  • Would love to have (yoga practice) sessions both in the morning and afternoon.

  • More focus on the spiritual aspects of practice to balance the abundance of focus on the physical.

Respondents provided many insightful and important comments and recommendations.  All of the information will be made available to the board and staff to review and use in creating future events.  We greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to respond to the evaluation.

In Service,

The IAYT Team