2019 Sponsors and Exhibitors
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SYTAR 2019

IAYT is pleased to recognize our

extraordinary sponsors and partners

Sponsors are also IAYT Suppporters and are acknowledged on the IAYT website for one year after the conference. For information on becoming a sponsor, please click for Sponsor Benefits.

Platinum Sponsor


YogaMate is an online platform sharing evidence-informed resources and tools for Yoga professionals and the public, championing the therapeutic application of Yoga.

Teachers & therapists utilize YogaMate's professional sequence (plan) creation & marketing tools to share knowledge, empower students & clients, build trust & strengthen connections with their community.

Register your complimentary profile & better differentiate yourself, carving your niche in the application of Therapeutic Yoga. (Please note there is a min 500 hrs Yoga Teacher Training or 200 hours for Licensed Healthcare Practitioners to be featured in the YogaMate directory).

YogaMate - Inspire, Connect and Share your knowledge and passion for therapeutic Yoga.

Silver Sponsors

The American Viniyoga™ Institute is an organization of yoga practitioners and professionals sharing core values, guided by the spirit of Viniyoga and dedicated to offering quality experiential, education and professional training opportunities in the fields of health and fitness, therapy and self care, and personal transformation. We honor the integrity of ancient yoga teachings while making them relevant and practical today.

Banyan Botanicals was founded in 1996 with the mission to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. As an Ayurvedic lifestyle company, we specialize in products made from Ayurvedic herbs that are organically grown, sustainably sourced, fairly traded, and made in the USA. Banyan is committed to providing exceptional customer service, inspiring educational content and the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs that are safe, pure, and effective. Learn more at banyanbotanicals.com

Information, inspiration, and support at every step of your journey to beYogi—from student to studio owner and everyone in between. beYogi also offers yoga teachers, teacher trainees and IAYT Certified Yoga Therapists access to affordable, all-inclusive yoga liability insurance.

Handspring Publishing specializes in professional-level books for yoga and Pilates teachers, massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and other professionals who use movement or touch to help patients achieve wellness.
Our books are written and produced to serve the professional and educational needs of health and medical professionals, bodyworkers, and movement teachers. They combine attractive and accessible presentation with an evidence-based approach to writing, including referencing the latest research findings.

Happy Yoga LLC provides yoga mats and educational tools for students, teachers, therapist and researchers that are inspired by research and designed for accessibility. We incorporate unique, visual reference points on our products,  providing a template for learning and teaching yoga. Our educational tools include magnets, dry-erase and on-line videos. Happy Yoga LLC supports accessibility and research by donating a portion of our profits and making our products available at cost to research facilities.

The Integrative Restoration Institute (IRI) provides programs, teacher trainings and retreats that show you how to live a contented life, free of conflict and fear, by opening your mind and body to its inherent ground of health and well-being.

Our MISSION is to help people resolve their pain and suffering and to experience deep healing and peace. As an educational nonprofit, we provide trainings in iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and spiritual retreats based on the ancient teachings of Yoga.

Integrative Yoga Therapy is a pioneer and leader in therapeutic Yoga teacher training products. We are dedicated to bringing the ancient insights of Yoga into mainstream wellness based on a vision of health as a unity of body, mind and spirit. Our books, including the "Yoga Toolbox for Teachers and Students" and "Mudras for Healing and Transformation", are used in yoga teacher and yoga therapist trainings worldwide.

Located on a breathtaking campus in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is home to the renowned Kripalu Schools--including the School of Integrative Yoga Therapy--offering inspiring certification programs that allow you to deepen your practice and share your passion with the world.

Maryland University of Integrative Health is an accredited graduate school with an academic and clinical focus on health and wellness. MUIH offers one of the nation’s first master’s degrees in yoga therapy accredited by IAYT. The university also offers doctoral, master’s, and certificate programs in nutrition, health and wellness coaching, health promotion, herbal medicine, and acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Online, campus, and weekend options available.

Meridian University is dedicated to enabling human development through wise transformative impact across multiple domains with global reach and local value. Meridian’s graduate degree programs in Business, Psychology, Education, and Transformative Leadership enable students to combine passion with profession in service of larger social, cultural, ecological, and developmental goals.

Educating learners in ancient teachings and community buidling within a supportive container for transformation. Since 1978, Mount Madonna has provided theoretical and practical professional education and training in classical systems of Yoga, Āyurveda, and Community. Each School emphasizes self-learning, service, and continuing life-long learning, as well as teaching the ethical and professional standards necessary for developing high-level, meaningful careers.

New Mexico School of Yoga specializes in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. Offering workshops, certification and continuing education. NMSY is proud to be an APD provider as well as an approved NAMA and YA CEU provider. For all things Yoga and Ayurveda from training to retreats we are your school!




Optimal State Yoga Therapy School trains Yoga Therapists.  We specialize in helping LHCP's become Yoga Therapists. Optimal State uses a hybrid style of online learning to reach and teach people from all over the world.  We combine modern western healthcare and Psychology with Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.  We use the Optimal State signature curriculum developed by Amy Wheeler, Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.  We also specialize in helping you to create and grow your business of Yoga Therapy so that you can make a sustainable living after you graduate from our program.  We recently found our home at a beautiful retreat center in Southern California.  We look forward to taking you back to nature when you visit the mountains in Southern California.

The Phoenix Rising Method underlies our Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher Training, and Programs for Mental Health Professionals which provide a comprehensive education in guiding yoga-based embodied mindfulness experiences that are client-centered and deeply empowering.

Sequence Wiz is a yoga sequence builder that helps yoga teachers and yoga therapists easily design yoga practices online using customizable stick figure images. It features a huge database of yoga poses, a library of predesigned practices, exclusive video series and informational materials on sequencing yoga practices for maximum effectiveness.

Singing Dragon publishes authoritative books on complementary and alternative health, Tai Chi, Qigong and ancient wisdom traditions for health, wellbeing, and professional and personal development.

Our books are for professionals and general readers. We also publish graphic novels across our subject areas, and books for children on issues such as bereavement, depression and anger.

Singing Dragon is an imprint of Jessica Kingsley Publishers, established in 1987 and committed to publishing accessible books that make a difference.

The Three Minute Egg® is ergonomically designed to work with the shape of your body. This One-Stop Yoga Prop offers an unparalleled combination of comfort, protection and support in both dynamic and restorative practices. No matter what style of yoga you enjoy, the Three Minute Egg® will add new dimensions to your practice.

Emphasizing an approach to healing that values mind, body, and spirit, the Center for Integrative Medicine is committed to evaluating the scientific foundation of complementary medicine, educating health professionals and the public about integrative medicine and integrating evidence-based complementary therapies into clinical care to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.

This will be Yoga Life Style's fourth year running the Bookstore at SYTAR!
Between conferences our books can be found at www.yogabookswholesale.com.  This year we are also introducing the Teardrop Support Cushion which was a huge hit last year in Reston, Virginia.  There is nothing like the Teardrop Support for back, hip, shoulder and neck issues.  Come by and try it!

Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute is proud to offer an IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Certification Program, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Trainings, and In-depth Yoga Therapy, SomaYoga & Somatic Studies, led by Yoga Therapists, Ann Maxwell MA C-IAYT SE and Molly McManus C-IAYT AHC SE. Our innovative curriculum and pairing of the ancient wisdom of yoga with the neuromuscular re-education discipline of Somatics is a unique blend of Yoga Therapy that brings profound results.

Do you find navigating your career and expressing your mission, attracting your ideal students and clients, all the while trying to maintain or deepen your yoga lifestyle, challenging? Yoga Professional Academy was designed for you, to help your business and your soul thrive. With a variety of coaching programs, PR services, social media training, Making Instagram Work for You, complimentary income streams and mentoring, you can find the support you need so that you will have more time and energy

Yoga Therapy Link, a public benefit company, offers a well-designed, user-friendly, socially responsible platform that gives yoga therapists powerful tools to:
-Expand Their Client Base;
-Connect With a Community; and
-Build Their Brand.

We work to introduce yoga therapy to potential clients and link them to you.

Yoga Therapy Rx is a marriage between Yoga therapy and complementary medicine. The course is designed to train Yoga teachers to be Yoga therapists and apply classical applications of Yoga for use in clinical settings to help treat common ailments and conditions. Certification through Loyola Marymount University. For more information, visit www.samata.com and click on the LMU logo.

YogaUOnline is a leading provider of online education for yoga teachers and yoga therapists. Study online with internationally renowned experts on yoga and yoga therapy, including Judith Hanson Lasater, Julie Gudmestad, Dr. Baxter Bell, Robin Rothenberg, and other leading yoga teachers.

Yoga Well Institute teaches Yoga in a clear &organized way supporting practical application in daily life.

We value sustainable transformation, experiential understanding, and relationship.

We offer yoga & yoga therapy trainings, workshops, & online classes.

YYSYT is designed to take the committed yoga teacher to a qualified C-IAYT. Students receive the philosophical underpinnings of applied yoga therapy, critical assessment and analysis training; the yoga tools and techniques which create a positive impact in the system and how to support someone through the process of applying the practices.



AlcheMe Yoga Therapy is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of the field of Yoga Therapy through professional training, education, research, program implementation and job creation.

At the Ayurvedic Institute, we teach traditional Ayurvedic Medicine and provide ancient Indian therapies to help heal and maintain the quality and longevity of life. As a science of self-healing, Ayurveda encompasses diet and nutrition, lifestyle, meditation, postures, breathing exercises and medical herbs along with cleansing and rejuvenation programs for healing body, mind, and spirit.




 Dynamic Movement Products creates, manufactures, and distributes stretch products used in dance, movement, and yoga therapy for all ages.

Our beautifully crafted unisex jewelry is a vehicle for energy that is designed to protect, uplift, and rejuvenate its wearer. These pieces encourage the flow of Chi while helping to protect against daily bombardment of EMF's, (Electro Magnetic Fields). The Ancient Egyptians believed that the energy used on HighChi Jewelry creates "Gateways to the Divine" and protects you from negative energies.


Inner Peace Yoga Therapy is an IAYT-accredited yoga therapy program based in Colorado, offering yoga therapy certification programs in cities across the U.S. since 2009.



PIEL CANELA PERU, has an exquisite collection of garments, hand-knitted and woven, with the finest textile fibers; alpaca, silk, bamboo, and organic cotton.



We provide authentic time-tested Ayurvedic formulas to practitioners all over north America and the world.




Unique, high quality products to help your spirit soar. Yoga and meditation props (may bags, eye pillows, zafus, bolsters) as well as clothing and jewelry for the sophisticated hippie!

Academic, Association and Affiliate Sponsors


The Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health (ACIH) is involved in and supports a wide range of activities and projects in the areas of education, clinical care, research and policy that contribute to transforming our health care system to be one that emphasizes the importance of creating health and well-being. ACIH, formed in 2004, now has a strong national voice. We represent 18 national integrative health and medicine organizations, many universities, colleges and programs and have a wide variety of supporters and volunteers. ACIH strengthens understanding and cooperation among educators, researchers, and clinicians from distinct healthcare disciplines. We believe that quality patient care requires that we shift our disease-based, fractionalized system to one that is team-based, collaborative and patient centered as well as to one that focuses significantly more on creating health and well-being.



The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preventing Alzheimer’s disease by funding integrative medicine research and providing educational programs for the public and holistic practitioners.   www.alzheimersprevention.org.


The Australian Association of Yoga Therapists (AAYT)
is an industry organisation which promotes professional standards for Australian Yoga Therapists, provides ongoing professional support to Yoga Therapists and represents Yoga Therapy as a recognised, professional and respected therapy.

  Connected Warriors is the largest volunteer based 501(c)(3) providing Trauma-Conscious yoga classes to Service members, Veterans and their Families at no cost to participants providing classes in yoga studios, VA Medical Centers, Vet Centers, Community Centers and Active Duty military installations worldwide.
The Give Back Yoga Foundation, Inc. ("GBYF”)
, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our mission is to support certified yoga teachers in all traditions to offer the teachings of yoga to under-served and under-resourced socio-economic segments of the community and inspire grassroots social change and community growth and cooperation. We have supported local and national programs for at-risk youth, veterans, prisoners, first responders and others.


The National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)
is a national organization representing the Ayurvedic profession in The United States of America. Its mission is to preserve, protect, improve and promote the philosophy, knowledge, science and practice of Ayurveda for the benefit of humanity.

Network Yoga Therapy
is a hub based in The Netherlands for those who work towards client-centered, compassionate healthcare using the tools of yoga. We are a global Network of yoga and health care professionals. With NYT you train, explore and share. Online and in person while contribute to the global dialogue on standards for yoga therapists as a growing profession.
Veterans Yoga Project
is a non-profit dedicated to the mindful resilience and recovery of veterans, their families, and communities. We envision a future where veterans, their families and our communities have access to a full range of mind-body practices to facilitate recovery and resilience.


Today Yoga Australia is the peak professional body for Yoga in Australia.  It is a not for profit association of members dedicated to ensuring the sustainability and longevity of yoga in Australia and around the globe.
The Yoga Service Council (YSC)
is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to support individuals and organizations to best serve and empower their communities through yoga and mindfulness.

Media Sponsors


LA YOGA’s home is in the innovative Yoga community of Southern California with a worldwide editorial reach. Monthly content includes a Yoga therapy column with rotating writers and points of view, Ayurvedic practices, sadhana, the green yogi, sacred music and in-depth interviews. IAYT members receive a discount for the print magazine. Everyone can sign up for the free inspiring and evocative email newsletter integrating Yoga into a modern lifestyle.

For the past 20 years, Somatics magazine has provided a meeting ground for those who practice mind-body unification in their work and everyday lives. Since 1976, when Thomas Hanna founded the magazine, the field of somatics has grown enormously. The wisdom of the mind-body disciplines has become increasingly recognized and accepted in mainstream culture.


YOGAChicago is a bi-monthly free resource guide for yoga activities. Our goal is to provide a forum to share information related to yoga and spirituality. Copies may be found at bookstores, natural food stores, holistic health centers, libraries, park buildings, colleges and learning centers throughout the Chicago area and parts of Indiana and Wisconsin or read it online.