2020 SYTAR Special Interest Meetings
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We reserve Friday evenings at SYTAR for attendees to explore the area, meet with friends, or connect with others who share their interests.

Beginning at 7:30 pm, the following groups are open to those who wish to attend. Some of these meetings are informal to allow for networking, whereas others offer more structured presentations. (Preregistration is not required for any special-interest group meeting.) Check back on this page, as new groups may be added until SYTAR begins.

American Viniyoga Institute

Student and graduate reunion;
details to come



Yoga therapists with a deep interest in, and commitment to, supporting those with neurological/neuromuscular conditions and movement disorders are encouraged to attend for open discussion and sharing of experiences.

For questions or to express your interest, please email contact@equilibriumyogatherapy.com

Yoga Therapists

Are you a yoga therapy student or newly involved in the profession? Or maybe it's simply your first time attending SYTAR? Meet like-minded colleagues, connect with new friends, and find support for your journey!

Meet & Greet


Those who are considering accreditation of a yoga therapy program and those who have made the decision to seek accreditation are welcome to this informal gathering to engage with the Accreditation team. Stop by to enjoy this meet and greet opportunity!

Development Q & A

Come meet the IAYT Certification Staff! We can answer your questions about Certification, Recertification, APD, PR&E, the IAYT Certification Exam and more.

This session is an informal Q&A opportunity for current C-IAYTs, aspiring C-IAYTs, students in accredited programs, faculty in yoga therapy trainings and workshops, and anyone with questions--or ideas! Drop in anytime.

Integrative Yoga Therapy
& Kripalu Schools

Join us on Friday evening to make connections with teachers, graduates and students from Integrative Yoga Therapy and all of the Kripalu schools. Renew acquaintances and meet new friends. We love to hear what you are doing!

 Essential Oils &
Yoga Therapists


Medical Grade Essential Oils Seminar 

What is keeping your yoga therapy clients from seeing the optimal results you want for them? Over 200 hospitals in the U.S. are using essential oils clinically to help patients "get past" their "health road blocks." Join Nicole DeAvilla for a hands on discussion of how to add medical grade essential oils to your practice.

 Phoenix Rising
Yoga Therapy


Gather and Connect - old students, new students, future students, and graduates!

 Inner Peace
Yoga Therapy


Meet & Greet!

Join us on Friday evening to connect with teachers, graduates and students from Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. Future students welcome too! 

 Creating Our Future:
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Town Hall


We invite you to join us for a focused discussion of IAYT's commitment to diversity as an integral part of our organization. Be part of the conversation to grow a diverse and inclusive membership built on a foundation of shared values goals, and practices. With the Yamas and Niyamas as our pillars, we'll identify our successes and challenges to begin the process of charting a path to a shared future grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion.