How to Become a C-IAYT
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IAYT Certification (C-IAYT) is currently open only to IAYT members who are Graduates of IAYT accredited yoga therapist training programs.  These graduates may apply for IAYT Certification (C-IAYT) anytime following completion of their program.

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All applicants for IAYT certification (C-IAYT) must be current IAYT members and agree to the IAYT Code of Ethics and Grounds for Disciplinary Action, Use of the C-IAYT Credential, and review the Scope of Practice. These and other IAYT policies related to certified yoga therapists can be found in the Certification Policies and Procedures.

Membership in IAYT is open to yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, yoga therapists, health care practitioners who use yoga in their practice, and yoga researchers. If you are already a member of IAYT, Thank You for your support of your profession. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining your colleagues! Click here to join and receive regular updates on IAYT activities.

about IAYT Certification's Background and Future.