APD Application Materials

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IAYT is now accepting new APD Provider registrations and Course applications
into the APD Program. There will be a one-time payment of $155 to register as a provider, valid as long as IAYT membership is maintained.
If you are a member school and have not received separate information about member school provider registration, please use the Contact Us link to let us know.

The materials below are available for you to review in preparation for applying to the APD Program.  We recommend that you look at the materials in the order they appear below.    

After reviewing these materials, if you have questions, use the Contact Us link at the upper right corner of our website to reach an APD team member.


The Program Guidelines explain the criteria and application process for approval of continuing education courses to be included in the APD course listing.
Approved Professional Development (APD) Program Guidelines

 IAYT Policies

Some of the policies may be familiar to you, others are new for this program. The applications require that you confirm you have read them.

Process Overview:

  1. Register as an APD Provider under the IAYT membership profile where courses will be submitted.  If you have both an individual and member school profile you may choose to register under either.  Each provider registration is accompanied by a one time fee of $155.    
    • Upon notification of acceptance as a Provider you are then eligible to submit courses
    • You will receive an email with the link to the course submission process.
    • If you do not receive this email, please use the Contact Us link to reach us.
  2. Submit the Course application (required for each course you submit) - Courses will then be reviewed for approval. The approval process for courses may take up to 60 days.
  3. Once approved, you will receive an invoice to pay the Course fee ($45/course)
  4. After payment is received your course will be listed on the IAYT website and you will receive access to APD resources including the Service Mark for your course, marketing materials, and an IAYT Certificate of Completion.

Provider Registration and Course Application Instructions

APD Provider Registration Instructions  

APD Course Application sample with detailed Instructions

Example of completed APD Course Application

Additional support materials

SAMPLE APD Service Mark - for each approved course