Update on Approved Professional Development (APD)
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An important part of IAYT’s mission is to raise the level of the Yoga Therapy profession by recognizing quality education programs, and by encouraging the ongoing professional development of Yoga Therapy practitioners.

All C-IAYT’s are required to complete continuing education before renewal of certification every 3 years.  The initial phase of this requirement allows for submission of any course or workshop that supports one or more of the competencies in the IAYT Educational Standards. See the Renewal and Continuing Education Policy page for more information on current CE requirements and instructions on how to submit CE hours now.

Going forward we will be identifying Approved Professional Development (APD) courses,
providing a means by which IAYT members can more easily identify quality professional development options and enhancing the profile of the providers and courses.  The APD program will recognize high quality yoga therapy continuing education courses and short specialty programs in a manner similar to what other professional fields do.

We expect this to benefit schools with accredited programs, member schools, certified yoga therapists and others interested in offering and taking quality professional education courses in yoga therapy.  Eventually we hope to include APD courses that satisfy CE requirements of both IAYT and other fields to enable members with other credentials to take advantage of a single source of identified quality education.

This summer we will begin the APD process with a “pilot program”.  During this period of several months, we will accept applications from courses that include a focus on one or more applied therapeutic skills for yoga therapists. These courses must also include methods to evaluate participants’ ability to apply these learned skill(s).

Once the program is established, completion of an IAYT Approved Professional Development course will be automatically accepted for the CE hours required for C-IAYTs.  Eventually, as the Continuing Education requirements change for renewal in the future, approved courses will be the norm, with any other CE credit requiring approval by exception.  For NOW, during the initial renewal of certification cycle for C-IAYTs, we will continue to accept continuing education hours from most yoga therapy-related courses as outlined in the current policy and submission process.

By starting with a pilot program we can develop and refine a reasonable submission process for course providers before expanding the program to many other quality Yoga Therapy training courses.  The other advantage of beginning with a pilot limited to courses with a focus on the application of therapeutic skills is to highlight IAYT’s aspiration to see more supervised therapy practice, particularly among C-IAYTs who may want to explore these to gain confidence in their client interactions. 

We expect to have the pilot program available for APD course application in the summer and then expand the APD program so that many more quality courses across the competency areas can be recognized by IAYT.

Watch for more details on this coming out in the spring and join us at
SYTAR 2018 to hear much more!!