Approved Professional Development Overview
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IAYT Approved Professional Development  
Continuing Education for C-IAYTs

The mission of IAYT is to establish yoga as a recognized and respected therapy.  Achieving this is built on the three pillars of Educational Standards, Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Programs, and IAYT Certification of individual yoga therapists (C-IAYT). IAYT certification represents demonstrated core competencies within a Yoga Therapy professional practice and requires continuing education to maintain and continually advance this level of competency and professional growth. 

The new Approved Professional Development (APD) program supports C-IAYT Continuing Education (CE). A goal of the APD Program is to be a source for yoga therapists to search for opportunities for additional training to maintain their core competencies and advance their professional growth. The APD Program provides an avenue to earn continuing education hours in recognized programs that are pre-approved to meet the requirements of C-IAYT renewal.*  IAYT members and member schools who list APD Courses on the IAYT website gain visibility and direct access to both the growing population of IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapists as well as other IAYT members seeking yoga therapy professional development opportunities.

ALL APD courses must have the following components:

The APD Pilot was open for course submission mid-September-November 1, 2018.  
Open submission for additional providers and courses is expected to begin in 
February 2019. 

 To view current APD Courses click here

* A course does not have to be designated APD in order to be used for IAYT CE requirements, as long as it addresses one or more of the IAYT competencies.  APD Courses are easier to claim in the CE process because they have been pre-approved.  Eventually APD courses will be required for Renewal of C-IAYT.