Readiness Assessment to Apply for Accreditation
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Accreditation Pre-Application Readiness Assessment

In order to apply for IAYT accreditation of your yoga therapy training program, your curriculum and necessary operational support, i.e., faculty, school and program policies, must be fully developed and documented. Therefore, we strongly urge you to take the time to review the resources below, download the Readiness Assessment guide and begin your self-evaluation well before submitting your Letter of Intent to file an application for accreditation. Without this self-evaluation, you might find yourself in the midst of a time-consuming and frustrating experience for which you are not well prepared. 

To Begin

Here are some resources that you will find helpful to begin an assessment of your school's and your program's readiness to enter the robust accreditation process. Please review each to help you understand accreditation more fully. Once you have familiarized yourself with this information, you will be ready to conduct your readiness assessment.

You will also find it valuable to review:

You Are Now Ready to Begin Your Readiness Assessment

Engaging in this readiness assessment will help clarify if your School and yoga therapy training program are developed enough to be able to move through the rigorous process of accreditation successfully. 

It is critical that you take the time now to review all elements that are required and assess where your program stands in relation to those requirements. All Schools wishing to enter the process by submitting a Letter of Intent are advised to do this self evaluation as thoroughly as possible. A successful application is the goal and this step will put you on that pathway.