Accredited Programs
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Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Programs

All currently accredited yoga therapy training programs are listed below. This list is updated monthly.

Read IAYT executive director John Kepner's 7 tips for choosing a training program . (If you're interested in a training not listed below, please check directly with the school to find out the status of its program; many IAYT Member Schools have yoga therapy programs in the process of being evaluated by the Accreditation Committee.)

Click schools' names below to be taken to their websites. You can also search by Accredited Program Location. Note that some schools offer online and/or distance-learning components, and some programs may be available in multiple locations.


Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Programs (alpha order)

Member School: Ajna Yoga Centre (CAN)
Ajna Yoga Therapy (Accredited 6/18/14; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: AlcheMe Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program: AlcheMe Yoga Therapy Program (Accredited 5/15/2018)

Member School: American Viniyoga Institute (USA)
Viniyoga Therapist Training Program (Accredited 6/25/2014; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: Amrit Yoga Institute (USA)
Program: 800-Hour I AM Yoga TherapyTM Professional Training (Accredited: 9/15/2019)

Member School: Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation (USA)
Program: Ananda YogaTM Therapy Program (Accredited 6/20/2014; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: AUM hOMe Shala (USA)
Program: Clinical Yoga Therapy (Accredited 9/25/14; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program: Yoga Developments, LLC (Accredited 11/30/2018)

Member School: Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program: Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy (Accredited 5/16/2018)

Member School: Circle Yoga Shala (USA)
Program: CYS Yoga Therapy (Accredited 1/15/2019)

Member School: East Coast Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program: ECYT Yoga Therapist Training Program (Accredited 6/1/2018)

Member School: Essential Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program: Essential Yoga Therapy's Therapist Training Program (Accredited 7/1/2014; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy (CAN)
Program: Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy (Accredited 3/20/2015; Re-accredited 3/31/2019)

Member School: Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology (USA)
Program: International Kundalini Yoga Therapeutic Practitioner Training (Accredited 6/6/2015; Re-accredited 6/6/2019)

Member School: Hamsa School of Yoga and Ayurveda (USA)
Program: Bija Academy of Yoga Therapy (Accredited 6/15/2020)

Member School: Heartwood Yoga (USA)
Program: Heartwood Yoga Therapy Program (Accredited 5/15/2020)

Member School: Houston Yoga & Ayurvedic Wellness Center, LLC (USA)
Program: Ayurveda Yoga Therapy (Accredited 2/15/2019)

Member School: Inbody Yoga Academy (USA)
Program: Inbody Yoga Therapy Certification (Accredited 4/30/2020)

Member School: Inner Peace Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program: Inner Peace Yoga Therapy Certification Program (Accredited 6/17/14; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: Integral Yoga (Yogaville | Integral Yoga Teachers Association) (USA)
Program: Integral Yoga Therapy (Accredited 3/15/2019)

Member School: Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program: 800-Hour Professional Yoga Therapist Certification Program (Accredited 6/1/2018)

Member School: LMU Yoga Therapy RX (USA)
Program: Yoga Therapy RX 3-Year Pathway, 4-Year Pathway
(Accredited 6/30/2014; Re-accredited 1/15/2019)

Member School: Maryland University of Integrative Health (USA)
Master of Science in Yoga Therapy (Accredited 11/19/2014; Re-accredited 10/1/2018)

Member School: Mount Madonna Institute (USA)
Program: Mount Madonna Institute Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy (Accredited 5/15/2019)

Member School: MVP Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program: Clinical Yoga Therapy Certification (Accredited 8/31/2020)

Member School: Optimal State of Living Yoga Therapy School (USA)
Program: Optimal State of Living Yoga Therapy Program (Accredited 6/12/2018)

Member School: Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science and Research (INDIA)
Program: 800 Hr. Yoga Therapy Training (Accredited 3/15/2019)

Member School: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (USA)
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Program (Accredited 10/1/2014; Re-accredited 10/1/2018)

Member School: PIES Fitness Yoga Studio (USA)
Program: PIES Holistic Yoga Therapy Training Program (Accredited 4/15/2020)

Member School: PranaYoga and Ayurveda Mandala (USA)
Program: PranaYoga Cikitsa Training (Accredited 12/19/2017)

Member School : PranaYoga Institute of Yoga and Holistic Health (USA)
Sattva Therapy® Yoga Therapy Diploma Program (Accredited 10/30/2015; Re-accredited 10/30/2019)

Member School: Prema Yoga Institute (USA)
Program: Prema Yoga Institute Yoga Therapist Training (Accredited 4/15/2019)

Member School: Proyectomadre (ARGENTINA)
Program: Proyectomadre Yoga Therapy Training Program (Accredited 6/30/2020)

Member School: Purusha Yoga School (USA)
Program: Purusha Yoga Therapy Certification (Accredited 5/15/2020)

Member School: Rasa Yoga School of Yoga and Ayurveda (USA)
Program: Rasa Yoga Cikitsa (Accredited 12/15/2018)

Member School: Sarasvati Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program: Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy (Accredited 5/31/2019)

Member School: School of Embodied Yoga Therapy (CAN)
Program: School of Embodied Yoga Therapy Program (Accredited 6/12/2018)

Member School: Scottsdale Community College (USA)
Program: Yoga Therapy Certification Program (Accredited 7/31/2019)

Member School: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center - Yoga Farm (USA)
Program: Sivananda Yoga Health Educator Training (Accredited 9/11/2018)

Member School: Soul of Yoga Institute (USA)
Soul of Yoga Institute Yoga Therapy Program (Accredited 10/1/2015; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: Spanda Yoga Movement Therapy (USA)
Spanda Yoga Movement Therapy Professional Yoga Therapist Training
(Accredited 6/25/2015; Re-accredited 5/29/2019)

Member School: Stress Management Center Of Marin (USA)
Stress Management Center Yoga Therapy Program (Accredited 4/14/2015; Re-accredited 4/15/2019)

Member School: Surya Chandra Healing Yoga School (USA)
Program: Surya Chandra Healing Yoga Therapy Training Program (Accredited 8/15/2017)

Member School: Svaroopa Vidya Ashram (USA)
Program: Certified Svaroopa Yoga Therapist (Accredited 12/1/2019)

Member School: Swami Viveananda Yoga Anusandhanan Samsthana - SVYASA USA
: Yoga Therapy Teacher Training (Accredited 7/31/2019)

Member School: The Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies (USA)
Program: KC Yoga Therapy (Accredited 12/1/2019)

Member School: The Mindfulness Center (USA)
Program: Science of Mindful Awareness (SOMA): Professional Yoga Therapy Training (Accredited 4/30/2020)

Member School: The Yoga Therapy Institute (Netherlands)
Program: The Yoga Therapy Institute Yoga Therapy Diploma 800 hour (Accredited 5/31/2019)

Member School: Vancouver School of Healing Arts (CAN)
Program: Yoga Therapy Certification Program (Accredited 6/30/2019)

Member School: Vedansha Institute of Vedic Science and Alternative Medicine
Program: 800 Hour Therapy Teacher Training (Accredited 3/15/2020)

Member School: Wisdom-Body Yoga Therapy (Israel)
Program: Wisdom-Body Yoga Therapy (Accredited 1/15/2019)

Member School: Wisdom Yoga Institute (AUS)
Program: Wisdom Yoga Therapy (Accredited 1/30/2019)

Member School: Yoga Bharati (USA)
Diploma in Yoga Therapy (Accredited 2/27/2018)

Member School: YogaFit Worldwide (USA, CAN, AUS)
Program: YogaFit for Healthcare Program (Accredited 5/31/2019)

Member School: YogaJoy (USA)
Program: YogaJoy 800 Hour Professional Yoga Therapy Training (Accredited 4/30/2019)

Member School: YogaLife Institute (USA)
Comprehensive Yoga Therapy at YogaLife Institute (Accredited 7/1/2014; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: Yoga North International Soma Yoga Institute (USA)
Yoga North Yoga Therapy Certification Program (Accredited 6/17/14; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: Yoga Therapy International (CAN)
Certified Yoga Therapist 1000 Hour Diploma Program (Accredited 6/19/14; Re-accredited 7/1/2018)

Member School: Yoga Therapy Toronto (CAN)
Program: Yoga Therapy Toronto Therapist Training (Accredited 12/15/2018)

Member School: Yoga Vahini (INDIA)
Program: Yoga Vaidya Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (Accredited 1/29/2016)

Member School: Yoga Well Institute (USA)
Program: Yoga Well Institute Therapist Training (Accredited 6/1/2018)