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Welcome to the IAYT Accreditation Process!

IAYT accreditation is a voluntary process designed for IAYT member schools who seek accreditation of their yoga therapy training programs that meet the IAYT Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists.

The accreditation process is demanding and requires a deep commitment. IAYT provides application support while maintaining a fair and objective process. The ways IAYT provides support includes the following:

  • an annual accreditation workshop at SYTAR on the IAYT website
  • downloadable documentation templates and educational documents available on the IAYT website
  • scheduled group document orientation and overview webinars
  • live Q&A sessions for applicants 
  • audio and video copies of webinar content available to webinar participants - coming in 2018!
  • multi-media FAQs - coming in 2018!
  • individual documentation follow-up calls with applicants, recorded and provided to the applicant 

A Multi-Step Approach to Accreditation

Before beginning the accreditation process, potential applicants are strongly advised to complete the pre-application readiness assessment. This self-evaluation is a tool designed to help you determine your level of preparedness for accreditation.  The rigorous process of accreditation will only be successful if your school and program are ready. 

Once you have determined that you're prepared to proceed with the accreditation process, the next step is to submit a Letter of Intent via a web-based form during one of two semi-annual submission periods. Following the submission of a Letter of Intent, a potential applicant participates in a conference call with Accreditation staff to discuss the potential applicant's submitted documents to determine their ability to begin the accreditation process within the next 12 months.

When the applicant is ready to begin developing application documentation, he or she will be given an application packet that includes documentation templates and other supporting information.  

Submission Periods

In 2018, IAYT accepts complete applications twice a year:

  • October 15th – November 15th
  • March 15th – April 15th