Accreditation Policies & Procedures
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IAYT Accreditation Policies and Procedures

Table of Contents

Introduction (below)

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  1. Policy on Submission and Review of Applications—Revised, 8/1/15
  2. Policy on Multiple Locations and/or Program Offerings—New, 8/1/15
  3. Policy on Public Comments—Revised, 8/1/15
  4. Policy on Appeals
  5. Policy on Formal Complaints against IAYT-Accredited Programs
  6. Policy on Formal Complaints against the IAYT Accreditation Committee
  7. Policy on Program Changes—Fully Revised, 8/1/15
  8. Policy on Program Closure and Withdrawal of Accredited Status
  9. Policy on the Sale of a School or Program—New, 8/1/15
  10. Policy on Franchising a Program or Sub-Contracting a Program—New, 8/1/15
  11. Policy on Failure to Submit Materials by the Due Date
  12. Policy on Potential Conflicts of Interest
  13. Policy on Codes of Conduct/Ethics
  14. Policy on Code of Conduct and Safe School Environments—New, 6/1/16
  15. Policy on Non-Discrimination—Revised, 8/1/15
  16. Policy on Enrollment Agreements
  17. Policy on Student Informational Materials
  18. Policy on Transfer Credit—Revised, 8/1/15
  19. Policy on Advertising—Revised, 8/1/15
  20. Policy on Representation of a Program’s Relationship with the IAYT
  21. Policy on Student Grievances
  22. Policy on Sanctions
  23. Policy on Biennial Reports—Revised, 8/1/15 and 6/1/16

Click here for a PDF of the compete Accreditation Policies and Procedures.


Accreditation is a widely used approval process for higher education programs in the U.S., including a variety of training programs in healthcare fields. Accreditation can be defined as the granting of public recognition to a program of study that meets or exceeds an established set of standards. Accreditation is primarily a quality control mechanism whereby a credible, objective third party gives a public stamp of approval to an educational program; additionally, accreditation is a peer-review process that supports the ongoing improvement of a program.

As is the case in other fields, the IAYT uses a peer-review process—conducted by the IAYT Accreditation Committee (AC)—to determine whether a program meets or exceeds the IAYT accreditation standards. The AC makes its determination based on a careful review of the application form and supporting materials submitted by a school for its yoga therapy training program. The AC evaluates whether the information and materials submitted by the school demonstrate that the program’s content and delivery conform to the requirements set forth in the IAYT educational standards document.

The purpose of the IAYT Accreditation Policies and Procedures is to set forth the policies and procedures adopted by the IAYT Board of Directors that will be followed by the AC and the IAYT in processing, reviewing, and making decisions on the accreditation applications submitted by schools offering yoga therapy training program. These policies and procedures are intended to provide a clear roadmap to schools, as well as to ensure that the accreditation review process is conducted in a fair and timely manner that affords programs and individuals reasonable due process. Additionally, this document contains policies and procedures that pertain to yoga therapy training programs that have achieved accreditation with the IAYT.

Any questions or comments regarding these policies and procedures should be submitted via the Contact Us link on the IAYT website.