17. Policy on Student Informational Materials
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The program must make available to students and the public a current catalog and/or other official publications (e.g., a student handbook), in print or electronic form, which accurately set forth:

  • Admissions requirements and procedures;

  • Transfer credit and advanced standing policies, including the criteria for accepting transfer credit;

  • Tuition, fees and refund policies;

  • Opportunities and requirements for financial aid, if applicable;

  • Academic performance requirements;

  • Rules for student conduct;

  • Student disciplinary procedures;

  • Student grievance procedures;

  • Grading and attendance policies;

  • Program completion requirements;

  • Members of the administration, including their positions;

  • Professional education and qualifications of full- and part-time faculty;

  • Members of the governing board, if applicable;

  • Non-discrimination policy;

  • Academic calendar;

  • Program sequence or outline;

  • Description of each major component of the yoga therapy program;

  • Description of the learning and other physical resources; and

  • Leave of absence policy, if applicable.