2. Policy on Multiple Locations and/or Program Offerings—New, 8/1/15
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If, at the time of initial accreditation, a school offers its yoga therapy training program at multiple locations, it must indicate this on the application form and provide the following:
  • A list of the locations at which the program, or part of the program, is offered;

  • The curriculum and course syllabi for each location (if the curriculum and course syllabi vary by location);

  • A list of the faculty teaching at each location and applicable faculty qualification documents (if faculty vary depending on location);

  • The School Director and Program Director for each location; and

  • All other relevant application documents for each location, such as program application, enrollment form, and any other training program-related policies (if any of these materials vary depending on location).

If the Accreditation Committee determines that the school is offering a substantially different program at a different location, or two or more substantially different programs at the same location, then the AC may, at its discretion, require the school to submit separate applications for the different programs.

An application fee will be charged for each application submitted.

If a program is accredited, its IAYT accreditation status extends to all of the locations at which the program is offered that were disclosed in the application. Any program changes planned or made at any location, or if a location is added or dropped, are governed by the Policy on Program Changes. Changes to the curriculum must apply to all locations.