23. Policy on Biennial Reports—Revised, 8/1/15 and 6/1/16
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A school with an accredited yoga therapy program is required to submit a biennial report to the AC by a specified date. The AC reviews biennial reports in order to ensure each school's ongoing compliance with accreditation standards and policies, monitor programs' progress in addressing outstanding deficiencies, and to become aware of any significant changes or trends that may adversely affect the ability of an individual school’s program to remain in compliance with accreditation standards and policies. Failure to submit the required biennial report will result in suspension of accreditation status until the report is received by the Accreditation Manager.

Receipt of biennial reports will be acknowledged electronically. Accreditation staff and, when necessary, a review committee within the Accreditation Committee will review the report. The Accreditation Manager will notify a school within four (4) weeks of submitting its report if additional information is needed. If additional information is requested, a school has two (2) weeks to submit the requested information.

The Accreditation Manager will notify a school within eight (8) weeks of submitting a competed report the outcome of the review.

Schools will be given a grace period of one (1) week beyond the due date to submit the biennial report. If a school's biennial report is not received by the due date or within the allowed grace period, a late fee of $25 per day will be charged and must be paid upon submission of the completed report. A school that fails to submit its report within 30 days of the due date, will have its accreditation status suspended until the report is submitted and the late fee paid.