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Apply To Be a Member of the IJYT Peer Review Panel

Peer reviewers evaluate articles for publication and provide supportive feedback to authors. In this way, the peer reviewers help to maintain high standards for the journal while establishing a positive relationship between authors and the journal.


Peer reviewers should meet the following qualifications:

• Experience writing, editing, and/or reviewing scientific or professional publications.
• Significant professional experience as a Yoga therapist or teacher OR
• Specialized knowledge and professional experience in integrated health care or research.


Peer reviewers:

• provide timely and supportive feedback to the authors and the Editor-in-Chief using IJYT's peer review guidelines.
• review an average of two articles per year.

Peer Review is a renewable one-year commitment. Articles will be distributed based on the interests and expertise of the reviewer.

To Apply:

Please send a letter of interest to Describe your qualifications and relevant experience, including any publications (you may include a resume or C.V.). Please include a list of the types of articles or topics you would be interested in reviewing.

IJYT publishes the following types of articles:

• Discussions of Yoga philosophy as it relates to Yoga therapy.
• Reports of original scientific research on any aspect of Yoga.
• Descriptions of therapeutic approaches/Yoga practices for a specific population or health condition.
• In-depth case studies that illustrate and evaluate a therapeutic approach.
• Discussions of public policy, integrated health care, and professional practices.