Become a Member School

It's easy to become an IAYT Member School

How to Become an IAYT Member School

  1. Read About the IAYT Member School Program.

  2. Fill out the Member School Application.

  3. Email IAYT Executive Director John Kepner via director@iayt "dot” org that you have filled out the application.  He will contact you about setting up a phone meeting. He likes to have a phone meeting with each new school program director, before they pay, to make a human connection and to have a conversation about how we got here and where we are going and to answer any questions about IAYT.  This is desireable, but not absolutely required. 
  4. Once the completed Member School application is reviewed and you have spoken with John Kepner, you will receive an email to complete your membership and submit your Member School fees.

  5. Follow the directions and you will be guided through the registration process.

  6. You can then begin to build your School’s Profile online including contact information, logo, and other information about your School.

Fees for Member Schools


You may choose to contribute $504/year as a Supporting Member School.

All fees go to support the Member School Program, the on-going efforts to develop and implement standards, and the annual Meeting of Schools. This includes the support of a well-experienced consultant who serves as a meeting facilitator and subject matter expert.

Your generosity is appreciated and goes a long way toward supporting the important work we do together.

Supporting Membership is a voluntary way to pay more to better support this work. Supporting Member Schools are recognized on the IAYT website and in print. Larger programs should probably be Supporting Members.


Process Details

About the Member School Application

  1. Please fill out the Member School Application.
  2. The application provides a "bird’s eye view” of your school with key information shown in a consistent format.

Notify IAYT Executive Director John Kepner that you have completed the Application.

We encourage you to schedule a phone conversation to discuss your school in person. We like to have a little personal contact with the program director of each new member school and we also want you to understand what we are doing and why.

Submit the Member School Fees

Once your Member School Survey has been received, reviewed, and any questions answered by connecting with John, you will receive instructions on how to complete your school’s registration. You will pay at that time. Payment can be made by credit card or check.

You may also call for help in completing the process and to pay by phone at (928) 541-0004 (M-F, 10-4, CT). Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • The main physical location of your school for our searchable "Find a Member School” directory, including city, state, zip/postal code, country.
  • Your website. This will be the main way students find out details of your program.
  • The exact name of your yoga therapist training program, the program director(s) and any other important contact information (such as a program administrator).
  • Your school logo (or a picture of the program director).
  • The name of your program director and, if applicable, co-director.

If you prefer to pay by check, indicate that during the registration process and then send a check payable to IAYT. Please mail the check to the following address:

PO Box 251563
Little Rock, AR 72225

Other Important Details

The program director must be an IAYT Individual Member.

This is a membership program, not a registry, or an accreditation process, or any recognition of the quality of your program. Registries and accreditation programs serve these purposes.

Schools may not use the IAYT logo on their website or on any promotional material. The IAYT logo is not a service mark that recognizes any standard of training quality. That is the purpose of service marks. You may describe your school as an IAYT member school and indeed, we encourage that.  IAYT accredited programs and IAYT certified yoga therapists are provided service marks. 

Denial or Revocation of Membership

IAYT’s mission is to establish yoga therapy as a recognized and respected profession. Promoting responsible and ethical behavior on the part of yoga therapists and yoga therapy training programs is at the heart of our mission. While IAYT membership is generally available to any individual or organization that meets IAYT’s membership criteria, the IAYT Board of Directors reserves the right to deny or revoke membership in situations where there is reliable evidence of egregious action on the part of an individual or organization that is incompatible with responsible and ethical yoga therapy practice and instruction.