Submitting Your CE Hours
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IAYT Certification Continuing Education Submission

Be sure you have reviewed the C-IAYT Continuing Education Requirements before submitting your information.


Submitting Current CE Information
If you have questions about submitting your Continuing Education hours or have difficulty completing the process below, please use the Contact Us link at the right side top of this page to reach us.

IAYT Conferences and Ethics Quiz Credits

If you attend SYTAR or SYR, or successfully complete the Ethics and Scope of Practice Quiz online, your CE credits are automatically posted to your profile.  The number of credits for each of these is shown on the CE Policy page.  You can view any credits automatically awarded by going to Manage Profile and scroll down to Professional Development.

Approved Professional Development (APD) Courses

If you complete an Approved Professional Development (APD) course listed here on the IAYT website, you can easily submit the CE credits for that course by returning to the listing and clicking on the course Verify Credits link.  You will answer a few questions about your satisfaction with the course, upload your evidence of completion, and the CE credits will be posted to your profile.  (Your course input it private.  Any data shared with course leaders will be de-identified and provided only in aggregate.)

Petition (self-submit) for non-APD Continuing Education Hours

  • Sign into your IAYT member profile
  • Select Manage Profile from the menu at right
  • Scroll down to Content & Features and select Professional Development
  • Choose Journal Entries and click on +Add Entry
  • Complete the table following the instructions below.
  • Click Submit when finished. Your CE will automatically be posted to your profile. You may check your CEs anytime by going to Professional Development.

Complete Journal Entry form as follows:

Is this entry for a Certificate or Program?Choose YES for ALL entries.

Certification/Program* See drop down menu. Choose C-IAYT Continuing Education for ALL entries.

Credit Type* See drop down menu. Choose CE – Petition for all non-APD entries.

For APD, please submit through the APD Course Listing.


Entry Date* Will show as today’s date – do not change.


Description* Enter a brief description including course name, date and faculty names.

Credits* Enter the number of CE hours (1hr = 1 CE). Round to the nearest whole number; no decimals.

Credits Expire Leave blank.


Score (%) Leave blank.


Activity Code Leave blank.

Attachments Upload proof of completion (certificate or other evidence).

By clicking on Submit, you attest that the information you have provided is correct and understand that misrepresentation may result in loss of educational credits.